[ Ernst Heinrich von Sachsen; anti-Nazi ] Autograph Letter Signed "Ernst Heinrich von Sachsen" (Saxony) to [ Herr Schjeldering? ]" In German.

Prince Ernst Heinrich of Saxony, Duke of Saxony[1] [2] (German: Ernst Heinrich Ferdinand Franz Joseph Otto Maria Melchiades, Prinz von Sachsen, Herzog zu Sachsen (1896-1971),
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Coolamber House, P.O. Lismacaffrey-Mullingar, 18 January 1970.

One page, 4to, fold marks, very good condition. For contents, Image (text) available on my website or my abe inventory.

[ Seraphin Weingartner, Swiss artist and designer. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Seraphin'), in English, to 'Cyril', writing in affectionate terms on a number of topics, including his studies at the industrial school at Rosswein, Saxony.

Seraphin Weingartner (1844-1919) of Lucerne, Swiss artist and designer, founding Director of the Kunstgewerbeschule Luzern [ Rosswein, Saxony, Germany ]
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Both letters from Rosswein [ Saxony, Germany ]. 27 December 1908 and 19 April 1909.

Both letters in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Both addressed to 'Dear Cyril!' Weingartner's grip of English is shaky. ONE (27 December 1908): 8pp., 8vo. He is working hard, making his own suppers, and reminisces about their time together in Paris. The girls in Rosswein are '(some of them) the finest I have ever seen. There is a lot of Balls here, every forth nighth dansing amusement all over. I was surprized to find that here, as well you find real cafe parisienne.' He describes his fellow-students: 'They come here from all parts of Germany.

[An young English Quaker relief worker in Germany.] Seven Autograph Letters Signed from 'David' [to the Tennant family?], describing in vivid terms his work in Lower Saxony (Harzburg, HIldersheim, Goslar) in the aftermath of the Second World War.

'David', a young English Quaker relief worker in Germany [The Tennant family of High Wycombe; British Army of the Rhine; Friends Relief Service]
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The first five from 124 Friends Relief Section [or 'Service'] (Quakers), B.A.O.R. [British Army of the Rhine]; the sixth letter from 17 Friends Relief Section; seventh from Work-Camp at Hildesheim,. Between March and July 1947.

66pp., 12mo. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper, each of the letters kept together with rusty staples. All the letters are signed 'David' and addressed to 'My Dear All'. Accompanying them is an envelope addressed in another hand to S. W. J. Tennant, Beechcote, Brands Hill Avenue, High Wycombe, and this may provide a clue to the identity of the recipients, to whom 'David' makes it clear on a couple of occasions that he is not related, signing off one letter 'from your muddle-headed friend'.

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