[ William Scoresby junior, Arctic explorer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W Scoresby') to Edward Magrath, Secretary of the Athenaeum, correcting his address.

William Scoresby junior (1789-1857), Arctic explorer, scientist and clergyman
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Torquay. 11 February 1852.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged, with small tape stain at head. Reads: 'Dear Sir, | Will you be so good as to have my address registered in the Athenaeum books as above, which is my place of residence & not Whitby - from whence I have just recd. a circular about the payment of a subscription, which I had ordered to be made some days ago.'

[ Scoresby Routledge and Easter Island. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. Scoresby Routledge') to 'Dick' [ Sir Richard Harington ], a long and informative letter sending news of the German East Asia Squadron's presence and its aftermath.

William Scoresby Routledge (1859-1939), British ethnographer and anthropologist, husband of Katherine Routledge (1866-1935) [ Sir Richard Harington of Ridlington, 12th Baronet; Easter Island ]
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Easter Island. 10 June 1915.

The Routledges set sail from Falmouth on their expedition to Easter Island in the purpose-built 90-foot Schooner 'Mana' in March 1913. They arrived a year later, and established base camps in Mataveri and Rano Raraku, and explored Orongo and Anakena. Katherine Routledge conducted extensive interviews with the natives, and the couple set about cataloguing the moai and their Ahus.

[ William Scoresby Routledge, ethnographer and anthropologist. ] Final two pages of Autograph Letter, with signature 'W. Scoresby Routledge'.

William Scoresby Routledge (1859-1939), Australian-born British ethnographer, anthropologist and adventurer [ Sir Richard Harington of Ridlington (1861-1931) 12th Baronet ]
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On letterhead of the Conservative Club, St James's Street, S.W. [ London ] No date.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The text reads: '[...] dont think you are giving trouble - | Would you like me to secure you a smart little single handed boat - an ideal boat for sailing about the river with a lady? | Or is it not worth while from the point of view that your wife will not like you going on the water & taking her | Yours Ever | W. Scoresby Routledge'. From the papers of Sir Richard Harington (1861-1931) of Ridlington, 12th Baronet, who was at Christ Church, Oxford, with Routledge.

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