[ Edgar Tarry Adams, collector of maritime instruments. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Edgar T. Adams') to 'Mr Justice Harington' (i.e. Richard Harington)

Edgar Tarry Adams (1852-1926), Essex brewer, artist and collector of maritime instruments [ Sir Richard Harington of Ridlington (1861-1931), 12th Baronet ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Downing College, Cambridge. 1 February 1909.

2pp.,12mo. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. He has been informed by 'Mr. Hill of the Victoria & Albert Museum' that Harington has 'a Backstaff'. Adams has been 'looking out for one for some years' without success and would like to purchase Harington's if he has 'no use for it. 'I think Mr. Hill mentioned to you that I had a collection of old navigating instruments & he has very kindly been trying to find a backstaff for me'. He ends in the hope that Harington will 'excuse the zeal of the collector'.

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