[ H. Irene Champernowne, pioneer in the field of art therapy. ] Typescript of her Jungian paper 'Woman and the Community', with a personal reminiscence of the Jung circle.

H. Irene Champernowne, pioneer in the field of art therapy, founder with her husband Gilbert Champernowne of the Withymead Therapeutic Centre, Oxfordshire [ Karl Gustav Jung; Toni Wolff ]
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Undated. 'A paper read to the Analytical Psychology Club, London, on 26th September, 1955.'

Much of Tessa Adams's paper on Toni Wolff in 'The Feminine Case: Jung, Aesthetics and Creative Process', ed. Adams and Duncan (2003), concerns the 'remarkable woman' Irene Champernowne and her relations with Wolff and Jung, with a discussion of Champernowne's Withymead Therapeutic Centre in Oxfordshire, which operated from 1942 to the late 1960s.

[ 'Maryla de Chrapowicki, D. Psy., M.D.' ] Typed paper titled 'Fundamental Principles of Bio-Crystallography of the Blood.' With particular reference to the treatment of tuberculosis.

Countess Maryla de Chrapowicki (d.1959), pioneer of alternative medicine and colour therapy [ Radionic Association ]
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'Copyright 1951'. Place not stated [ London? ].

5pp., 4to, typed on five leaves stapled together. With a few minor manuscript corrections. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. The introduction reads: 'Bio-crystallography of the blood rests on the premise that the motive force which directs the processes of crystallisation is a Psychosomatic activity inherent in the blood stream.

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