[ H. Irene Champernowne, pioneer in the field of art therapy. ] Typescript of her Jungian paper 'Woman and the Community', with a personal reminiscence of the Jung circle.

H. Irene Champernowne, pioneer in the field of art therapy, founder with her husband Gilbert Champernowne of the Withymead Therapeutic Centre, Oxfordshire [ Karl Gustav Jung; Toni Wolff ]
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Undated. 'A paper read to the Analytical Psychology Club, London, on 26th September, 1955.'

Much of Tessa Adams's paper on Toni Wolff in 'The Feminine Case: Jung, Aesthetics and Creative Process', ed. Adams and Duncan (2003), concerns the 'remarkable woman' Irene Champernowne and her relations with Wolff and Jung, with a discussion of Champernowne's Withymead Therapeutic Centre in Oxfordshire, which operated from 1942 to the late 1960s.

[ H.M. Patent Office, London. ] Manuscript document containing 'Searches' into the 'Novelty' and 'Validity' of around 150 patent applications, with diagrams and index.

H.M. Patent Office, London (now the Intellectual Property Office) [ Sir Henry Bessemer; Sir John Coode; Gusttav Overbeck; Crosse & Blackwell; Wedgwood; Bryant & May ]
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H.M. Patent Office, 25 Southampton Buildings, London, WC. 13 March 1878 to 19 December 1882.

The Patent Office - now the Intellectual Property Office - was established by the Patent Law Amendment Act of 1852, which simplified the procedure for obtaining patents of invention and reduced costs. In 1883 another Act of Parliament brought into being the office of Comptroller General of Patents, with, according to the National Archives, 'a staff of patent examiners to carry out a limited form of examination; mainly to ensure that the specification described the invention properly, but without any investigation into novelty'.

[ Sir Charles Wyndham and Percy Burton, translators. ] Typewritten drafts, with extensive emendations in Wyndham's autograph, of 'The Blind Passenger. A Play in Three Acts by Oscar Blumenthal and Gustav Hadelburg.'

Sir Charles Wyndham [ born Charles Culverwell ] (1837-1919), English actor-manager, and Percy Burton; Oscar Blumenthal and Gustav Hadelburg
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Place and date not stated. [ London, circa 1904. ]

Item Three below does not name the translators, while Items One and Two do not. Item Three has the characters' names anglicised and the text more stilted than that of One and Two. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: Typescript of the whole play, with each of the three acts bound separately. 127pp., 4to. The first two acts bound in grey card wraps, with typed labels on covers, the unbound leaves of the third act attached with a brass stud. First two acts with stamp of Miss Christian of the Trafalgar Type Writing Office, London.

[The Hallé Orchestra, Manchester.] Typewritten 'Memoranda re Hallé Concerts', with signature of one of the three founding guarantors of the Hallé Concerts Society, Gustav Behrens, including a chronology (1857-1912) and section on the 'Pension Fund'.

Gustav Behrens, close friend of Sir Charles Hallé, and one of the three founding guarantors, after Hallé's death, of the Hallé Concerts Society [The Hallé Orchestra, Manchester]
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Without place or date. [The Hallé Orchestra, Manchester. Circa 1912.]

4pp., 4to, on four leaves held together with a brass stud. Typewritten in purple, with underlining in red. In good condition, on lightly-aged and folded paper. The first two entries read: '1857 During the famous Art Treasures Exhibition held in Manchester in 1857, the late Sir Charles Hallé formed and conducted a Band which played at the Exhibition. | 1858 On Saturday January 30th, Hallé commenced his own Concerts under the title: | [First Season] MR. CHARLES HALLÉ'S GRAND ORCHESTRAL CONCERTS.

[Anthony Gustav de Rothschild.] Typed Letter Signed ('Anthony de Rothschild') to the journalist George Bilainkin, discussing the 'need of our surviving brethren' following the Second World War, and requesting help with an appeal for 'Jewish Relief'.

Anthony Gustav de Rothschild (1887-1961), banker and Vice-President of the Anglo-Jewish Association [George Bilainkin (c.1903-1981), journalist; Jewish Board of Deputies]
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On letterhead of New Court, St Swithin's Lane, London, EC4. 7 February 1946.

1p., 4to. On aged paper with a couple of closed holes. He is 'very anxious to discuss', with Bilainkin and the Jewish Board of Deputies, 'the Appeal which [...] is in progress on behalf of the Central British Fund for Jewish Relief and Rehabilitation'.

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