[The Hallé Orchestra, Manchester.] Typewritten 'Memoranda re Hallé Concerts', with signature of one of the three founding guarantors of the Hallé Concerts Society, Gustav Behrens, including a chronology (1857-1912) and section on the 'Pension Fund'.

Gustav Behrens, close friend of Sir Charles Hallé, and one of the three founding guarantors, after Hallé's death, of the Hallé Concerts Society [The Hallé Orchestra, Manchester]
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Without place or date. [The Hallé Orchestra, Manchester. Circa 1912.]

4pp., 4to, on four leaves held together with a brass stud. Typewritten in purple, with underlining in red. In good condition, on lightly-aged and folded paper. The first two entries read: '1857 During the famous Art Treasures Exhibition held in Manchester in 1857, the late Sir Charles Hallé formed and conducted a Band which played at the Exhibition. | 1858 On Saturday January 30th, Hallé commenced his own Concerts under the title: | [First Season] MR. CHARLES HALLÉ'S GRAND ORCHESTRAL CONCERTS.

[Sir Charles Hallé, conductor and pianist.] Two Autograph Notes in the third person to Lady Blanche Drummond

Sir Charles Hallé [formerly Carl Halle] (1819-1895), conductor and pianist
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Both on letterheads of 11 Mansfield Street, W [London]. 12 and 14 July [no year].

Both items 1p., 16mo, and both in good codition, on lightly-aged paper. The first note reads: 'Mr. Charles Hallé presents his respectful compliments to Lady Blanche Drummond and would feel greatly obliged if she would kindly take his lesson to-morrow at 4 o'clock instead of half past three.' The second confirms the time for a second lesson.

Autograph Letter in the third person to the publishers Swan Sonnenschein & Co.

Sir Charles Hallé [born in Germany as Carl Halle] (1819-1895), English conductor and pianist
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30 June 1890; Sydney, Australia.

12mo, 1 p. Twelve lines of text. Clear and complete. On aged and grubby paper. A formal letter in the third person. He has 'received with surprise the enclosed invoice. [not present] He has given no orders for any copies of the work & must therefore decline to accept the parcel, should it have been sent out to him in Australia.' If it is 'lying at his London house' he will forward it to the firm 'on his return home'.

Autograph music signed

Charles Halle.
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Ger.-Eng. pianist and conductor (1819-1895)(DNB). One manuscript page of music, 9"(wide) x 10" (long), no titlel, good condition (extracted from an album). The National Register of Archives records collections of autograph letters but no surviving music by Halle

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