[Hester Lynch Piozzi, 'Dr. Johnson's Mrs. Thrale'.] Autograph Note in the third person to Dr. Perney, inviting him to visit 'to hear Mr. Yaniewitsh [i.e. Felix Janewicz] play on the Violin'.

Mrs Piozzi (born Hester Lynch Salusbury, then Hester Lynch Thrale, then Hester Lynch Piozzi] (1741-1821), diarist and friend of Dr Samuel Johnson [Rev. Dr John Anthony Perney (1781-1827)]
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'Steatham Park | Fryday [sic] 24.' [No year.]

Autograph Note in the third person. On one of 11 x 20 cm slip of paper. In good condition, lightly aged, with stub from mount adhering to reverse. Reads: 'Mrs. Piozzi's Coms. And if Dr. Perney is disengaged this Eveng & would like to hear Mr. Yaniewitsh play on the Violin She should be happy in his Company to Tea - - - and it would be very obliging in him to bring the Viol D'Amore with him. | Streatham Park | Friday 24.' Perney was domestic chaplain to the Earl of Coventry. The violinist Felix Janewicz (1762–1848) was a Polish exile from France who made his London debut in February 1791.

[ Lord Eldon; a lunatic ] Autograph Signature ('Eldon') to Chancery document re. 'the Matter of Bulkeley Gould a Lunatic' and his sister Fanny Whalley, regarding the question of the administration of his estate in Bovingdon, Herts, and elsewhere.

Lord Eldon [ John Scott, 1st Earl of Eldon ] (1751-1838), Lord Chancellor [ Bulkeley Gould (1753-1827); Fanny Whalley (c.1752-1832); James Boswell; Mrs Piozzi; Fanny Burney; Bovingdon, Herts ]
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[ London, High Court of Chancery. ] 19 June 1826.

4pp., folio. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Small slip of paper, with note in Victorian hand, attached to head of first leaf. The subject of the document, Bulkeley Gould, had in the 1770s left the Army for a career in the East India Company, being declared insane in 1788. His sister Frances 'Fanny' Gould - in later years a woman of fashion - married first Lieut.-Gen. Charles Horneck (1759-1804) and then Rev. Thomas Sedgewick Whalley (1746-1828). Boswell was a friend of their father Lieut. Col.

[Garrick] Part of Autograph Letter Signed "D. Garrick" to unknown correspondent about Arthur Murphy's "List" of subjects for plays.

David Garrick, actor
Publication details: 
No surviving date or place except "Oct.20" at end.

Part of Letter, c.15 x 10.5cm, staining and remnants of album page on reverse, text clearas follows: "[...] I wish you would looke for that Mem[oran]dum of Murphy's - when we lent him ye money & only let me know what were ye contents of it - if you can find too the List of his Subjects for plays that nobody else was to make use of - I think it is in ye office

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