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F.H.F. Berkeley,

Autograph Notes Signed and Autograph Letters Signed (x 6) to Charles Manby, engineer

Politician. 1 and 2pp., 8vo. He discusses an anonymous witness ("la Dame Blanche") in a confidential matter. Later letters discuss a trickster operating in Berkeley's constituency (selling gas without coal with a magnet). He seeks information from Manby whom he believes will have the contacts to...

Francis Allitsee

Autograph Letter Signed to "The Editor, Temple Bar"

Song writer (1849-1912). 2pp., 8vo. He expresses fulsome gratitude for being allowed to set a lyric (unnamed) to music.

Francis Paget

Autograph Note Signed, to "Doyne"(?)

Bishop of Oxford and theologian (1851-1911). One page, 8vo. He would like his correspondent to let Max Muller know when a deferred luncheon is to be held. He will be writing to Dean Liddell (presumably on the same subject).

Francis Paget

Autograph Note Signed, to "Paul O'W"(?)

Bishop of Oxford and theologian (1851-1911). One page, 8vo. He has enclosed a cheque as an instalment of his contribution to the Dr Pusey Memorial Fund.

Frederick W. Walker

Autograph Note Signed to an unnamed correspondent.

High Master of St Paul's (1830-1910). One page, 8vo. He gives thanks for a book, adding that "In my younger days I used continuously & valued your abstracts of Gk & Roman History & notes on Herodotus".

G.H. Broughton

Autograph Letters Signed (x 2), to Lady Maitland and an unnamed correspondent

Artist. One and 2pp., 8vo. (1899) He suggests the steps she must take to arrange the loan a a "miniature table" from the Royal Academy. (1904) He gives permission for his "Diploma Picture" to be reproduced in the "Windsor Magazine", revealing its history (an illustration to Tennyson's lines in "...

George Grenville, Ist Marquis of Buckingham

Autograph Letter Signed, "Nugent Buckingham", to an unknown correspondent

Statesman. 2pp., 4to. He discusses his wife's health (fever) and the treatment his correspondent has received from the elder brother of a "Dr Vassor" ("scandalously & wickedly used").

George Henschel

Autograph Note Signed to "Mr Pollock"

German-English singer, composer and conductor (1850-1934). One page, 8vo, anticipating a meeting and Pollock receiving something illegible, adding that the concerts are going well.

George Mikes

Memorandum of Agreement with Anthony Blond, publishers

Contract for an article entitled "'English' London" included in "The New London Spy" (1966) ed. Hunter Davies, signed by Mikes.With: ANS, one page, 8vo, Mikes to Anthony (Blond), 25 Oct. 1965, enclosing contract (signed) and saying he has finished the article.

George Savile

Autograph Note Signed to an unnamed correspondent.

Politician (1726-1784). One page, 4to. He announces that he will offer himself as a candidate at the general meeting where there will be consideration "of persons to represent the County in the ensuing Parliament. He looks to his correspondent's support. (Savile started representing Yorkshire in...

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