[Royal Army Medical Corps publication.] Depot & Training Establishment, R.A.M.C. Squad Drill.

[Royal Army Medical Corps] [Second World War squad drill; British Army]
Publication details: 
North Hants Printing Co., Ltd., Fleet. Undated, but dating from the Second World War.

18pp., 16mo. Stapled pamphlet. In green printed wraps. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. At head of first page: 'SQUAD DRILL | This Booklet is issued to assist R.A.M.C. personnel to become proficient at drill in threes. It is set out in plain language, the object being to help the reader to obtain a clear mental picture of the subject.' Undated, but found in a collection of Second World War medical pamphlets. (The British Library has five items from the printers, ranging in date from 1925 to 1937.) Excessively scarce: no copy traced, either on OCLC WorldCat or COPAC.

[Two printed items.] 'Table Card containing Table of Exercises for the Physical Training of Recruits and Trained Soldiers of the Indian Army.' [Includes 'Preliminary Bombing Exercise'] and 'Trained Soldiers' Table. - 1.'

[Indian Army, British India, physical training of recruits, August 1918; No. 2 Cadet Battalion]
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The first item ('Table Card'): 'G.S.T. | 15'. At foot of last page: 'SGPI - 155 CGS - 30-8-18 - 10,000' [i.e. dated 30 August 1918]. The second item without place or date.

ONE ('Table Card'): 6pp., on three 22 x 9.5 cm leaves. In good condition, on aged paper, with small punch hole at top inner corner. Intended for officers directing physical training, and consisting of four tables (one to a page), numbered I to IV, with 'Notes on Physical Training' on the last page. Each of the first three tables is divided into 'Introductory Exercises', 'General Exercises' and 'Final Exercises'. Table IV is headed 'PRELIMINARY BOMBING EXERCISE.

[General Sir Robert A. Cassels, Commander-in-Chief, British Army in India.] Printed 'India Army Orders by His Excellency General Sir Robert A. Cassels, G.C.B., C.S.I., D.S.O., Commander-in-Chief in India.'

General Sir Robert Archibald Cassels (1876-1959), Commander-in-Chief, British Army in India
Publication details: 
Army Headquarters, Simla [India]. 12 May 1936.

26pp., 12mo, paginated [527]-552. Unbound and stapled. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with rusted staples and punch-hole in top left-hand corner. Scarce: no copies traced on either COPAC or WorldCat.

A series of engravings, drawn and engraved by W. Grainger for the 'Royal Encyclopedia', each headed 'An exact representation of the Manual Exercise, according to modern Military Discipline, See Treatise on Military Affairs.'

William Grainger, engraver; Charles Cooke, bookseller, Paternoster Row [Hanoverian British army; eighteenth-century military history; commands; discipline; musketry; firearms]
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London: 'Published as the Act directs, by C. Cooke No. 17 Paternoster Row May 28 1790'.

Four plates, each roughly 39.5 x 22 cm. Good, clear impressions. The first two plates have a little light staining in the margins, and the first has some light foxing. The other two in very good condition, and the set good overall. An attractive series, each plate containing twelve main engravings, mainly of an infantryman with his musket in various positions, but also of an officer with sword. Begins with 'Dress to the Right' and ends with 'Sword Salute'. Mains numbered series begins '1st. Poise Firelock' and ends '35th. Shoulder Firelock'. Occasional smaller engravings in the background.

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