[Maxime Du Camp, French writer.] Autograph Note Signed to an unnamed male correspondent ('Ami'), regarding the receipt of a book, "votre [sic] Robert Emmet" with reference to the latter's author, Countess of D'Haussonville.

Maxime Du Camp (1822-1894), French writer and photographer, friend of Gustave Flaubert
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Revue de Paris. 29 October 1857.

1p., 8vo. In fair condtion, on lightly aged and creased grey paper. 'J'ai recu votre Robert Emmet; j'en rendrai compte le plus promptement possible et je ne dirai pas que le <?> est de Madam D'Haussonville.' (The Countess of D'Haussonville is the subject of a celebrated portrait by Ingres. Her novel 'Robert Emmet' was published in Paris in 1858.)

Autograph Letter Signed ('La Ctesse. De Maudet'), in French, to an unnamed 'Chevalier' [English knight?].

The Countess de Maudet [La Comtesse de Maudet], wife of the Count de Maudet [Le Comte de Maudet], Governor of Corsica, who surrended Toulon to Admiral Hood in 1793 [Samuel Hood, Viscount Hood]
Publication details: 
Docketed 'Comtesse De Maudet | Apl. 11th. 1795.'

4to: 1 p. Twenty-four lines of text. On a bifolium of laid paper, and docketed on the reverse of the second leaf. Good, in faded ink on lightly-aged paper. Begins 'La france republicainne [sic] me fait perdre des renttes [sic] viageres'. She complains of the attack on her 'legitimes droits a mes biens de Corses que le roy de france garrante par un Contract', and speaks of 'droits inalterables et inprescriptible'. She asks for a 'paquet' to be passed to 'Milord Hood'.

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