[Richard Lestock, Royal Navy Admiral, as 'Commander in Chief of his Majes. Ships going to the Mediterranean'.] Warrant in a secretarial hand, signed 'Richd Lestock', appointing 'Mr. James Sheppard [...] Master of his Majestys Ship the Nassau'.

Richard Lestock (c.1679-1746), Royal Navy Admiral, court-martialled following the Battle of Toulon
Publication details: 
'Dated on board his Majestys Ship Neptune at Sea the Seventh day of December 1741.' [While 'going to the Mediterranean'.]

See Lestock's entry in the Oxford DNB. 1p, 8vo. With seal under paper. On aged and worn paper, with damage to corners caused by detaching the item from the mount to which it was glued. Apart from he signature, the whole warrant is in a secretarial hand. It is headed: 'By Richard Lestock Esqr. Commander in Chief of his Majes. Ships going to the Mediterranean'. Addressed at bottom left: 'To Mr. James Sheppard hereby appointed Master of his Majestys Ship the Nassau'. The body of the warrant consists of nineteen lines of text in the customary form, beginning: 'Mr.

[ General Thomas Graham, Lord Lynedoch. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Thomas Graham') to an unnamed party, regarding a list of individuals (Commissioners of Supply?), with reference to Lord Keith and an act of parliament.

General Thomas Graham, 1st Baron Lynedoch [ Lord Lynedoch ] (1748-1843), Scottish politician and distinguished soldier
Publication details: 
[ Docketed as from Stratton Street, with date 31 January 1803. ]

2pp., 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged. Written in a difficult hand. Docketed on reverse of second leaf in a neat hand, explaining the context: 'Genl Thomas Graham | Stratton Street | 31 Janry 1803 | wrote him first febry that Peers could not be Commssrs of Supply | 1803 | 3 Febry wrote L[or]d Keith.' Graham's letter reads: 'There is the list – except two names wch. L[or]d Keith wishes to have inserted & the mem[orandu]m. Of wch. I have mislaid – one is the Baillie of Kinkardine [sic] for the time being I think – but it wd.

Autograph Letter Signed, in French, from Etienne Allègre to 'Cher Monsieur Manfield'

Etienne Allègre, French rugby player and Communist politician, Deputy for Toulon, 1935-1940, brother-in-law of Jean Bartolini (1899-1977), Mayor of Toulon from 1945 to 1947
Publication details: 
5 Chemin de Plaisance, Toulon. 12 July 1954.

1p., 4to. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with a few short closed tears along fold lines. He apologises for replying with 'un retard inqualifiable!' He apologises profoundly for 'ce contretemps' which has not allowed him to thank Mansfield properly 'pour l'Admiration que vous avez bien voulu me temoigner - sans doute à l'occasion de l'un des derniers Salons à Paris'. He is sending a photograph, with his autograph.

Autograph Letter Signed ('La Ctesse. De Maudet'), in French, to an unnamed 'Chevalier' [English knight?].

The Countess de Maudet [La Comtesse de Maudet], wife of the Count de Maudet [Le Comte de Maudet], Governor of Corsica, who surrended Toulon to Admiral Hood in 1793 [Samuel Hood, Viscount Hood]
Publication details: 
Docketed 'Comtesse De Maudet | Apl. 11th. 1795.'

4to: 1 p. Twenty-four lines of text. On a bifolium of laid paper, and docketed on the reverse of the second leaf. Good, in faded ink on lightly-aged paper. Begins 'La france republicainne [sic] me fait perdre des renttes [sic] viageres'. She complains of the attack on her 'legitimes droits a mes biens de Corses que le roy de france garrante par un Contract', and speaks of 'droits inalterables et inprescriptible'. She asks for a 'paquet' to be passed to 'Milord Hood'.

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