[ Sir Gilbert Scott and Mrs Evelyn's Camphill House, Wotton. ] 'Specification of Works' and five signed coloured plans by Scott, including four designs for 'Park Lodge', with ten other coloured plans relating to the improvement of the estate.

Sir Gilbert Scott [ Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-1878), architect [ W. J. Evelyn of Campfield Place [ The Camp; Camphill ], Wotton, Surrey; James Howe; William Shearburn, Dorking surveyor ]
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[ Camphill House (The Camp; Campfield Place), Leith Hill, Wotton, Surrey [ also London and Dorking ]. Items dating from between 1854 and 1857, with one from 1896.

A fascinating collection, providing an unusually clear picture of the 'improvement' of a country estate, involving a leading Victorian architect – Scott not only designed a new 'Park Lodge', but also proposed an 'addition to mansion' – and the collection includes 'Specifications of Works' and five plans by him. The collection also includes two sets of designs by James Howe for a 'Geometric Flower Garden', including lists of the flowers involved, together with a design for servant's quarters by William Shearburn, and a drainage system by him.

Archive of material, mainly comprising 150 Typed Letters addressed to the English operatic tenor Stephen Manton [Stephen Manton Bradbury], from the British Broadcasting Corporation, between 1944 and 1952, and concerning his work for the BBC.

Stephen Manton [Stephen Manton Bradbury] (1908-1970), operatic tenor, director of the Intimate Opera Company from 1944 [British Broadcasting Corporation; BBC]
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The letters, all on letterheads of the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC], mainly from Broadcasting House, London, dating from between 1944 and 1952.

For more information about Stephen Manton Bradbury, or Stephen Manton as he was known professionally, see his obituary in The Times, 8 September 1970. The collection is in good condition, on aged paper. The correspondence from various figures in various BBC music departments, both London and regional, and in a variety of formats from 4to down to 12mo, breaks down to the following number of items per year: 1944, 8; 1945, 5; 1946, 30; 1947, 34; 1948, 32; 1949, 22; 1950, 11; 1951, 15; 1952, 1.

Advertisement for 'Dorking Urban District Book, Waste Paper and Cardboard Drive'.

Dorking, Surrey, England [Recycling; the Environment; the Green Party; Publishing History; Bookselling; the Book Trade; Austerity]
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12th April to 1st May 1948.

Striking advertisement, in red ink, on one side of a piece of paper roughly seven inches by seventeen wide. With something of a prewar feel, it reads 'DORKING URBAN DISTRICT | BOOK, WASTE PAPER | and CARDBOARD DRIVE | [in box on right] 12th April | TO | 1st May | 1948 [end of boxed text] | Save the Nation from having to import Waste Paper from abroad | PROVIDE | MORE Employment = MORE Cartons for Food | = MORE Materials for Housebuilding ='.

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