[ Auberon Herbert ] Autograph Letter Signed "Auberon Herbert" to "Professor Flower", surgeon, Director of Natural History Museum, about saving the New Forest from "interference".

Auberon Herbert, (1838–1906) was a writer, theorist, philosopher, and 19th century individualist. (wikipedia)
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Old House, Ringwood, 27 April 1890.

Two pages, 12mo, tipped on to larger piece of paper, good condition. Herbert is "being examined by H of C [House of Commons] Committee on New Forest." He asks Flower for a line "saying from a science point of view how important it is to leave the one bit of old wood we have got without interference, without cutting, without introducing new kinds of trees, & how interesting the struggle of nature is when she is left to produce in the face of enemies. What we plead for is perfect naturalness."

[Maurice F. Strong of the United Nations Environment Programme.] Two Typed Letters Signed to the English environmentalist Arthur Bourne, with typed copies of five letters from Bourne to Strong.

Maurice F. Strong (b.1929), Canadian entrepreneur, Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development ['Earth Summit'], 1992 [Arthur G. Bourne; Oil For Food Programme]
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Strong's letters both from Geneva, on letterheads of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, 29 August 1972, and the United Nations Environment Programme, 26 July 1973. Four of Bourne's drafts from Flitwick, Bedfordshire, 1972-1975.

The seven items are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Strong's two letters are each 1p., 8vo, and are both on thin paper with slight wear to the edges; the second letter is docketed on the reverse by Bourne. In his first letter Strong congratulates Bourne on 'the new journal "The Environment This Month"'. He was 'favourably impressed with the first issue' and congratulates Bourne 'on the initiative you have taken in filling in such a promising way the need which existed for a high quality international journal on environmental affairs'.

Report of the departmental committee on the protection of wild birds. Presented to Parliament by command of His Majesty.

Committee on the protection of wild birds [ORNITHOLOGY]
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London: Published by His Majesty's Stationery Office. 1919.

44 pages. Folio. Unbound. In poor condition: first and last leaf fraying, torn and separated. An important document: a landmark in the history of environmentalism. The committee members were the Hon. E. S. Montagu (Under Secretary of State for India), Lord Lucas (Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Agriculture), Frank Elliott of the Home Office, E. G. B. Meade-Waldo, W. R. Ogilvie-Grant, Hugh S. Gladstone and the appropriately-named W. Eagle Clarke.

Advertisement for 'Dorking Urban District Book, Waste Paper and Cardboard Drive'.

Dorking, Surrey, England [Recycling; the Environment; the Green Party; Publishing History; Bookselling; the Book Trade; Austerity]
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12th April to 1st May 1948.

Striking advertisement, in red ink, on one side of a piece of paper roughly seven inches by seventeen wide. With something of a prewar feel, it reads 'DORKING URBAN DISTRICT | BOOK, WASTE PAPER | and CARDBOARD DRIVE | [in box on right] 12th April | TO | 1st May | 1948 [end of boxed text] | Save the Nation from having to import Waste Paper from abroad | PROVIDE | MORE Employment = MORE Cartons for Food | = MORE Materials for Housebuilding ='.

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