[Frederick Yates, actor-manager of the Adelphi Theatre.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Fred. H. Yates.'), accusing actor Thomas Cooke of breaking his word by mounting a production of Fitzball's 'Red Rover', whose copyright he owns, outside Edinburgh.

Frederick Yates [Frederick Henry Yates] (1797-1842), actor and proprietor with Charles Mathews of the Adelphi Theatre, London, husband of Elizabeth Brunton [Thomas Potter Cooke (1786-1864), actor]
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18 January 1830. 'Theatre Royal | Adelphi' [London].

3pp, 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, aged and worn, with closed tears and thin vertical strip of paper on reverse of second leaf, which carries a seal in black wax and Yates's address to 'T. P. Cooke Esqre. | 28 Manchester Street | Manchester Square'. An interesting letter regarding a Victorian stage dispute. In an understated style, Yates makes a serious accusation: Cooke has broken his word over the manuscript of Fitzball's play 'The Red Rover' (Yates had produced the piece with himself in the title role in 1828, and would do so again in 1831).

[ Edward Fitzball, English playwright. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('E. Fitzball.') [ to Charles Kean ], requesting a box for a performance of King Lear [ at the Princess's Theatre ].

Edward Fitzball (1792-1873), English playwright [ Charles Kean (1811-1868), English actor, born in Ireland; Walter James Macqueen-Pope (1888-1960), theatre manager and historian ]
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9 Upper Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy Square [ London ]. 18 May 1858.

1p., 16mo. In fair condition, on aged paper, laid down on damaged leaf from album. At head, in another hand: 'for Saturday'. Reads: 'My dear Sir: | I shd. feel greatly obliged if you could without inconvenience to yr interest, give me a box, any night this week, to see King Lear.' At head is note in another hand (see below): 'for Saturday'. From the collection of Macqueen-Pope, who has written at the foot of the leaf on which the letter is mounted: 'To Chas Kean Princess's Theatre | Note at top, either by CK or Massingham the boxoffice m[ana]g[e]r.'

[ John Baldwin Buckstone, actor and playwright? ] Set of manuscript parts for an adaptation of Bulwer-Lytton's 'The Last Days of Pompeii', fifteen of them carrying the name of the actor or actress.

[ John Baldwin Buckstone (1802-1879), English actor and playwright? ] [ The Adelphi Theatre, London ] Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton (1803-1873), English novelist
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[ Adelphi Theatre, London? ] Undated, but some paper with watermarked dates 1837 and 1840.

A total of 97pp., mostly 4to, with a further four slips. Around thirty separate parts, unbound. Written in at least two hands. In fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. Fifteen of the parts (mostly from the first act) carry the name of the actor or actress at the head: 'Mr Bland', 'Mr Jonas', 'Mr. Gray', 'Mr Howard', 'Miss Barratt', 'Mr Webster', 'Mrs Baker', 'Mr Bedford', 'Mr. Lynne', 'Mr F. Lloyd', 'Mr Hailes', 'Mrs Ridgway', 'Mr Ridgway', 'Mr Hailes', 'Mr. P. C'. Bulwer-Lytton's book was published in 1834, and was an enormous success.?>

[ Edward Fitzball, writer of melodramas. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Fitzball') to an unnamed recipient, regarding changes to the last scene of his play 'The Haunted Hulk'.

Edward Fitzball (1792-1873), English playwright specialising in melodrama [ Benjamin Nottingham Webster (1797-1882), actor-manager ]
Publication details: 
'Monday Evng.' [ London?, 1831. ]

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. He has had a conversation with 'Tomkins', and as a consequence has 'made a few alterations in the last scene of the "Hulk"'. He asks him to read the last scene and 'manage, if possible, to get the Prompter's Copy set right before the reading of the Piece'. He feels his changes make the play 'more original, and more likely to render the Piece effective'. With postscript. 'The Haunted Hulk', a Nautical Drama in two Acts was performed at the Adelphi in 1831.

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