The Powys Family. Being a lecture given by him to the Swansea and South Wales Bookman's Association in May, 1945, with some additions.

Littleton C. Powys [John Cowper Powys; Llewelyn Powys; Theodore Powys]
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This reprint [of the original lecture] issued April, 1953.' Western Gazette, Yeovil.

12mo: 27 pp. Stapled. In original brown printed wraps. Good, on lightly-aged paper with rusted staples. Divided into five sections: 'Our Ancestry', 'Our Father', 'Our Mother', 'Montacute' and 'The Children'. A scarce item, the only copies on COPAC being at the British Library, Cardiff and St Andrews.

Autograph address and short note.

John Cowper Powys (1872-1963), Anglo-Welsh writer
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Date and place not stated.

On one side of a piece of wove paper, cut into a rectangle approximately 4.5 x 9 cm. Good, on lightly-creased paper with one vertical fold. Cut from an envelope, with traces of the postmark over the autograph, and a section of the gummed strip on the reverse. Reads 'From | John Cowper Powys | Waterloo | Blaenau - F Festiniog | Merionethshire | North Wales | I enjoyed thinking of you in Italy'.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mr Disspain'.

John Cowper Powys (1872-1963), Anglo-Welsh writer [William Blake; Denis Saurat]
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8 November 1958. 1 Waterloo, Blaenau-FFestiniog, Merionethshire, North Wales.

8vo, 4 pp. Bifolium. Very good on lightly aged paper. Written in Powys's distinctive, sprawling hand. Concerns William Blake and the monograph on him (1954) by Denis Saurat, who 'must indeed be a wonder considering the scope of his interests.' 'Yes I was brought up by my mother on the Poems of Blake; so I am always interested by any reference to them or any reproduction of them. Indeed and indeed I can fully understand your being so hypnotized by the pictures of Blake that you find yourself going to see them when you had decided to go somewhere else'. Powys is 'in excellent health'.

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