[Kathleen Raine, poet and author.] Autograph Note Signed ('Kathy') with copy of typescript of Father John Gilling's requiem speech on the poet Jonathan Griffin, and photocopies of three obituaries of Griffin.

Kathleen Raine [Kathleen Jessie Raine] (1908-2003), poet and critic, founding member of the Temenos Academy [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright; Jonathan Griffin (1906-1990), poet; John Gilling]
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ACS on letterhead of 7 Sharples Hall Street, London; 1 March 1990. Other items from 1990.

Five items in good condition, all lightly aged. ONE: ACS. Signed 'Kathy'. 1 March 1990. Clearly a covering note on sending the other material. Simply reads: 'Good to speak – | love | Kathy'. TWO: Duplicated copy of typescript of speech by 'Fr. John Gilling'. Headed: 'REQUIEM MASS: St. Mary the Virgin, Bourne Street. 7th February 1990. | JONATHAN GRIFFIN'. 2pp, 8vo.

[Prof. Wincenty Lutoslawski, Polish philosopher, author, and member of the Polish National League.] Autograph Card Signed ('W Lutoslawski') to the Anglo-Irish poet Sylvia Lynd, with printed text requesting her view on reincarnation. With her reply.

Prof. Wincenty Lutoslawski (1883-1954), Polish philosopher, author, and member of the Polish National League [Sylvia Lynd (1888-1952), Anglo-Irish poet, wife of the essayist Robert Lynd (1879-1949)]
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With his letterhead, Jagiellonska, Poland. 11 May 1929.

Lutoslawski's letter is in fair condition, lightly-aged with vertical crease. Addressed to Lynd at 5 Keat's Grove, Highgate, from Poland, with Polish stamp and postmark. He writes that he has 'exceedingly enjoyed [her novels] the Gold Finches and the Mulberry Bush', and would like her 'opinion and experience on the following inquiry', i.e. a printed circular regarding his book 'Preexistence and Reincarnation', which attempts to rove that 'each of us has lived in human shape many times and that we reap now what we have sown ages ago'.

The Powys Family. Being a lecture given by him to the Swansea and South Wales Bookman's Association in May, 1945, with some additions.

Littleton C. Powys [John Cowper Powys; Llewelyn Powys; Theodore Powys]
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This reprint [of the original lecture] issued April, 1953.' Western Gazette, Yeovil.

12mo: 27 pp. Stapled. In original brown printed wraps. Good, on lightly-aged paper with rusted staples. Divided into five sections: 'Our Ancestry', 'Our Father', 'Our Mother', 'Montacute' and 'The Children'. A scarce item, the only copies on COPAC being at the British Library, Cardiff and St Andrews.

Corrected Typescript of 'Der Pyramidenbauer'; Corrected Typescript of German lecture; photocopy of Manuscript article 'Der Kanon des Kosmos', with English translation; two pages of German manuscript notes; 56 printed cosmological diagrams.

Eberhard Wortmann [Hermann Hesse; Sacred Geometry; Neoplatonism]
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Der Kanon des Kosmos' dated '24. II. 71, Berkeley, California'; the whole in envelope postmarked 1975.

Wortmann - whose 'Das Gesetz Des Kosmos' (1965) is considered a cosmological masterpiece - corresponded with Hermann Hesse, and was the only modern author to be described by him as a master of the Glass Bead Game. The Sacred Science Institute in America is presently working with Wortmann's family to bring out an edition of his work. The collection is discoloured with age and some leaves are slightly dog-eared, but the whole is in good condition.

Der Blütenzweig | Eine Auswahl aus den Gedichten von Herman Hesse.

Herman Hesse
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Zürich: Fretz & Wasmuth Verlag Ag. 1945.

80 pages. 16mo. In grubby decorated boards with white paper printed label on front. Corners bumped. Internally sound and tight, with a few pencil notes on front pastedown.

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