[The Osmonds, 1970s pop sensation.] Autograph Signatures of Donny Osmond and his brothers Jay and Alan, with that of the disgraced glam teen idol Gary Glitter.

The Osmonds, 1970s pop sensation [Donny Osmond (b.1957); Jay Osmond (b.1955); Alan Osmond (b.1949)] Gary Glitter [Paul Francis Gadd (b.1944)], disgraced glam rock teen idol
The Osmonds,
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No date or place. [Mid 1970s.]
The Osmonds,

In good condition, lightly aged. The Osmond’s signatures are written with brown felt-tip pen on an 8.5 x 13.5 piece of pink paper with rounded edges, evidently removed from an autograph album. With portrait orientation. Alan Osmond writes: ‘Best Wishes - / The Osmonds / Alan Osmond’ and beneath this, one on top of the othe, are the signatures of ‘Donny Osmond’ and ‘Jay Osmond’. The names are written out in another hand at bottom right. On the reverse, with landscape orientation, the large signature of ‘Gary Glitter’. See Image.

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