Two Autograph Letters Signed from Thomas Archer, editor of the Hornet, to the London solicitor Edward Draper, asking for contributions to the magazine; the first signed with a picture of a hornet and the second signed 'Th Archer'.

Thomas Archer (1830-1893), author and journalist, editor of the Hornet [Edward Draper of Vincent Square, London, Honorary Solicitor of the Savage Club]
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Both letters on letterheads of 'The Hornets Nest, 86, Fleet Street [London]. Neither dated.
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The letterhead features an image of an hornet seated at a writing table. Letter One: 1p., 12mo. Bifolium. Fair, on aged paper. The letter reads: 'Friday | Dear Draper | Have you made up your mind to let me have a conceit or two for Ye Hornet. I can only offer 5/- a column but then Column is but a very brief affair. | Yours always | [signature in the form of a drawing of a hornet]'. Letter Two: 2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with slight traces of previous mount on reverse of second leaf. Addressed to 'My dear Draper'. He reminds Draper that he asked him 'the other day if you would let me have any waif or stray of fun and wit that might be blowing about the chamber of your brain and so be lost for want of a pin to fix it on'. He cannot 'promise anything very attractive in the way of paymt. at present', but 'there may be something very soon. At any rate you may not be unwilling to jot down for the "Hornet" in writing, some things which you now let slip because you see no immediate opportunity of chronicling them in print. From a two line quip - to a column will always be acceptable to me.'