Autograph list by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, naming pictures he has contributed to thirteen international exhibitions between 1862 and 1898, proposed in autograph queries by the art historian William Roberts.

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836-1912), Dutch-born English painter of the 'Victorian Olympus' period [William Roberts (1862-1940), art historian]
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Address in bottom left-hand corner of 'W. Roberts 47, Lansdowne Gardens, Clapham, S.W.' [Circa 1898.]
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1p., folio. Good, on a lightly-aged piece of ruled paper. In two columns, with the left-hand column, written out by Roberts with his address at the foot, headed 'Name of Exhibition', and listing twelve international exhibitions between 1862 (Amsterdam) and 1898 (Brussels). The right-hand column, headed 'Picture Exhibition', carries Alma-Tadema's responses, some of which are written in darker ink than others, indicating that they were added at more than one point. Alongside 'Paris (EU) 1867' he writes '13 pictures amongst them. the Education of the Children of Clovis, the two above An entrance to a Roman theatre, armuror's [sic] shop. Agrippina visiting the ashes of Germanius, Egyptian game'. For 'Vienna 1893' and 'Melbourne 1880' he writes 'don't remember'. The last entry, for 'Royal Scottish Academy: | ? date', reads: 'A medal of Honorary Membership given on the occasion of my election to that honour. 1877.' While Roberts does not appear to have written on Alma-Tadema directly, he was a voluminous author who, at the time of writing, had just completed a two-volume work on the London auctioneers Christie's (1897).