[ Lord Berwick [ Thomas Noel Hill, 2nd Baron Berwick ], art patron. ] Autograph Note Signed about wine.

Lord Berwick [ Thomas Noel Hill, 2nd Baron Berwick of Attingham ] (1770-1832), art patron who employed Angelica Kauffman
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Attingham [ Attingham Park, Shropshire ]. 23 January 1803.

1p., landscape 12mo. Aged and worn. Traces of red wax from the seal on the reverse, which is docketed. Reads: 'Sir/ as you do not import the Teneriffe Wine yourself; I had rather not have any. - I will thank you to inform Mr Southern when the Post leaves Town - Send it by Barton's Shrewsbury Waggon. | I remain, | yr. Obdt. Sert. | Berwick'. Contemporary biographical annotation in light pencil at head.

Mezzotint engraving by Thomas Burke of 'IOHANNES HENRIVS HAMPE', i.e.the German-born Fellow of the Royal Society Johann Heinrich Hampe, from a painting by Angelica Kaufman, with twenty-seven line Latin inscription.

Thomas Burke (1749-1815), Irish engraver; Angelica Kauffmann (1741-1807), Swiss artist [Johann Heinrich Hampe (1697-1777), German-born physician and Fellow of the Royal Society in 1729]
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No place or date [London, eighteenth-century].

On one side of a piece of paper, roughly 28 x 21.5 cm. On aged and worn paper. The engraving, roughly 11 x 13 cm, placed at the head of the page, is a head and shoulders portrait of Hampe, depicted in an oval frame, with inscription in Greek wound round a staff with snake (recalling the rod of Asclepius) and laurel sprig. Kauffmann's name engraved at bottom left and Burke's at bottom right. Beneath the engraving is a 27-line inscription beginning: “IOHANNES HENRICVS HAMPE | SIEGENA-NASSOVICVS | MEDICINAE DOCTOR DVISBVRGENSIS CLIVORVM'.

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