[Robert Peake, London coach builder, father of Archibald Henry Peake, Premier of South Australia.] Printed handbill with anecdotes, a poem ('The Troubles of Lord Alphonsius Fitz Noodle'), and two jeux d'esprit.

Robert Peake, coach maker, Bloomsbury, London, born in Yorkshire in 1815, died in Australia in 1889, father of Archibald Henry Peake (1859-1920), Premier of South Australia
Publication details: 
[London. 1840s or 1850s.]

2pp., 12mo. Printed on facing pages on one side of a landscape 8vo leaf, with blank reverse. In fair condition, on aged paper, laid down on part of a leaf removed from an album. The left-hand page carries three items: 'The Confidence Trick. A scene in Oxford Street.' (a series of puns with a purpose now lost, beginning 'A stout "Nave," | Met a green "Felloe"'), 'Anecdotes of the old Coaching Days' (beginning 'Talleyrand bought a new coach, but did not pay for it.') and 'Lord Lyndhurst'. The last reads in full: 'Ordered Robert Peake to build him a Chariot. It was finished and approved of.

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