[Royal Military College, Lanvers, Perthshire.] Printed circular letter from the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, regarding cadets 'incurring Debts with Tradesmen'. Addressed in manuscript to H. G. Watson, concerning his ward D. R. Williamson.

[Royal Military College, Sandhurst; H. G. Watson of Edinburgh; Cadet D. R. Williamson]
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Royal Military College [Sandhurst]. 9 June 1845.

1p., 4to. On bifolium. Addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'H. G. Watson Esqr. | 13 St. Andrew's Square | Edinburgh', with three postmarks, and docketted 'Lawers | Military College 9 June 1845. | Tradesmens Bills'. In good condition, on aged and worn paper, with a few closed tears. The signature is illegible, but does not appear to be that of the Governor, General Sir George Scovell.

Manuscript 'Report on the Road from Frimley to Yorktown [Surrey, England]' 'Ewart' [Sir John Spencer Ewart, while a Sandhurst cadet], with coloured manuscript map and four other field sketches by him; with sketches by 'Sterling' and 'Gordon'.

Lieut-Gen. Sir John Spencer Ewart (1861-1930), KCB, Adjutant-General to the Forces in the British Army [Frimley, Surrey; Yorktown House; Aldershot; Sandhurst]
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Report on War Office 'Form 33'. Ewart's four additional sketches dated 1880 and 1881, the other material undated.

The collection, deriving from the Ewart family papers, is in good condition, on aged paper, with fraying to the extremities of the report. Sir John Spencer Ewart, son of General Sir John Alexander Ewart, Colonel of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, entered Sandhurst in 1880, and left the following year, with the sword of honour, to join the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. (For more information about Ewart and his father, who also obtained 'special distinction' at Sandhurst, see their entries in the Oxford DNB.) ONE. Manuscript 'Report'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('H. C. Colles') to Sir Henry Trueman Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Henry Cope Colles (1879-1943), music historian and critic of The Times of London [the British Red Cross; Royal Horse Artillery]
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11 November 1916; on letterhead of the R.A. Cadet School, Ordnance Road, St John's Wood, London N.W.

12mo: 4 pp. On grey paper. Very good, with a small strip of discolouration over the Royal Artillery crest. Bearing the Society's stamp. He is glad that his 'article on the Red Cross' interested Wood: 'in other circumstances it would have given me much pleasure to follow up the article with an address to your Society on the subject', but 'the work of the Cadet school, which I entered a couple of months ago, takes up my entire time'.

Printed 'Regulations for the Admission of Gentlemen Cadets into the Royal Military College, near Bagshot. January 1st, 1852.' With one other printed item and four manuscript items relating to John Miller Dickson's attempt to join the British army.

William Dickson; John Miller Dickson; General Henry Shadforth [Royal Military College, Bagshot; British army; military history]
Publication details: 
The printed 'Regulations' 1852; the other printed item is dated 1851; the four manuscript items between 1852 and 1854.

The collection is in good condition, with occasional light creasing. The 'Regulations' ('ON HER MAJESTY'S SERVICE') consist of four pages printed on a folio bifolium. The other printed item, in facsimile handwriting, dated '15.11.51' (and dated in manuscript 'Horse Guards 1st.

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