Autograph Letter Signed from the herald painter for the College of Arms Gerald Cobb to the architectural historian Peter Reid, regarding a staircase in Bishopswood and his new book.

Gerald Cobb (1899-1986), Queen Elizabeth II's herald painter for the College of Arms at the time of her coronation, and authority on ecclesiastical architecture [Peter Reid, architectural historian]
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College of Arms, London EC4. 7 June 1979.

1p., 12mo. Seventeen lines of neatly-written text. Good, on lightly-aged paper. He apologises for the delay in replying to Reid's letter, and knows 'nothing about the staircase you mention as coming from a house in Holborn, & now in a house in Bishopswood.' He 'looked it up in R[oyal]. C[ommision]. H[istorical]. M[onumments]., (Vol. II) Hertfordshire (par. of Walford-on-Wye) but Bishopswood is only mentioned re some romann remains.' He hopes Reid is 'enjoying the Herefordshire countryside', and is himself finding life 'rather hectic'.

Autograph ('M. Halstead') of the noted American war correspondent Murat Halstead, at foot of letter to him from autograph-hunter John N. Cobb, with another signature on his calling card. With engraved portrait of Halstead by Arthur Jule Goodman.

Murat Halstead (1829-1908), American newspaper editor and author, war correspondent in the American Civil War, the Franco-Prussian War and the Spanish-American War [Arthur Jule Goodman]
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Cobb's letter dated from Philadelphia, 7 June 1893.

Cobb's letter is 1p., 4to, typed in green. He states that he is 'collecting the autographs of prominent American editors' and that he would like to add Halstead's, as 'it will not be complete without yours'. At the foot of the letter Halstead has written, in a sprawling hand, with smudged signature, 'Perhaps the will serve. | M. Halstead'. Pinned to the letter is the calling card of 'Mr. Murat Halstead.', with his signature 'M. Halstead' (again slightly smudged) beneath the name. Both items are lightly-aged, but good.?>

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