[Edward Laman Blanchard, playwright.] Autograph Letter Signed ('E. L. Blanchard') to 'C. Osborne', explaining his plans for the Era Almanack, while regretfully declining his offer of literary assistance.

E. L. Blanchard [Edward Litt Laman Blanchard] (1820-1889), playwright and author, for 37 years writer of the Drury Lane pantomimes
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London Road, Rosherville, Kent. 27 August 1867.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. 'My dear Sir | The Era Almanack will entirely consist of Theatrical information and general literature is not contemplated in the plan. Otherwise I need hardly say I should have been most happy to have availed myself of your aid.' The Era Almanack ran from 1868 to 1919, and was one of the more reliable theatrical annuals.

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