[ Gallipoli; Dardenelles ] Chief Officer's Rough Log of the 'Government Transport Service' of HM Transport 'Clan Macrae' in the Mediterranean as part of the Gallipoli Campaign.

Log book of HM Transport Clan Macrae (Captain Alex R. Weir) during the Gallipoli Campaign, 1916 [Clan Line Association of Steamers, Glasgow]
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5 April 1915 to 14 June 1916. Departing from Liverpool and returning to Glasgow, refitted at Alexandria, and taking in Imbros, Kephalo Bay, Port Said, Port Murdro and other destinations.

4to, 346 pp. Divided into two sections, each on different printed forms, bound together in contemporary red calf 4to half- binding (with ticket of Smith & Lane, Printers, 15 Bridge St, Sydney. Text clear and complete, on aged and foxed paper. Binding worn and stained. Part One: 5 April 1915 to 31 January 1916. 4to (leaf dimensions 30 x 25 cm), 252 pp. Part Two: 1 February to 14 June 1916. 4to (leaf dimensions 32 x 25 cm), 94 pp. In a variety of hands, the second section being described as being kept by 'The officers of s/s 'Clan Macrae''.

[ HM Airship R100. ] Printed 'Contract For the Construction of a Rigid Airship', between the Airship Guarantee Company Limited and the President of the Air Council. With section deleted and replaced with typed passage.

HM Airship R100 [ The Airship Guarantee Company Limited, London; The Air Council; Charles Reginald Brigstocke, Director of Contracts Air Ministry; Vickers Ltd]
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"50 cop[ie]s" [no other copy traced [ The Airship Guarantee Company Limited, London; the Air Council; the Air Ministry. ] Printed in London by Duiprose, Bateman & Co., Courts Press, Sheffield Street, Kingsway, W.C.2. Dated 22nd October 1924.

The R100 had not been named at the time of this item, and is consequently not referred to by name in it. It was built (as part of a British government programme to develop airships to provide passenger and mail transport within the British Empire) by the Airship Guarantee Company, a specially-created subsidiary of the armaments firm Vickers, led by Commander Dennis Burney, with the design team headed by Barnes Wallis, later famous for his invention of the bouncing bomb, with Neville Shute. 41pp., 8vo.

['Bibliography of Airships' and scrapbook containing around 100 newspaper cuttings on the R100.] Notebook containing bibliographical references to individual airships, compiled by S. Maurice Evans for an unpublished work, with scrapbook.

S. Maurice Evans, Architect, Middlesex County Council ['Bibliography of Airships'; HM Airship R100]
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Author's inscription on front free endpaper: 'S. Maurice Evans. | Architect. | 120 Manor Park, SE13 | Jan: 1924'.

In a letter to Gertrude Tomkinson of 10 June 1934 (offered separately as part of an archive relating to the loss of HM Airship C8) Evans states that he was 'stationed at Kingsnorth [Airship Station] near Hoo for sometime during the War [...] but not drafted there before the end of 1916'. In another letter to the same recipient on 24 July, he mentions that he is writing an 'account of the work of the Airship during the war'.

Printed order of British Privy Council, 'At the Court at Windsor, the 26th day of September 1846', describing 'the several duties of Customs' to be levied 'upon all goods, wares, and merchandize, imported into the district of Natal for consumption'.

William L. Bathurst [British Privy Council; Natal, South Africa; HM Customs and Excise]
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'At the Court at Windsor, the 26th day of September 1846. Present, The Queen's Most Excellent Majesty in Council.'

Drop-head title: 'At the Court at Windsor, the 26th day of September 1846. | PRESENT, | The QUEEN's Most Excellent Majesty in Council.' 12pp., foolscap 8vo. Paginated 1-12 and in two columns. No printer's slug. Signed in type at end 'Wm. L. Bathurst.' In fair condition, on aged paper with chips and short closed tears to central vertical fold. Spine repaired with archival tape. The first page headed in black ink manuscript 'Natal', and in red ink '144'. No other copy traced.

Album of poems by Captain William Gamul Edwards of The Cedars, Bromley Common, Kent, both original compositions in his autograph and cuttings of poems published by him, mainly under the pseudonyms 'W. G. E.' and 'Gamul'.

Captain William Gamul Edwards (1808-1884) of HM 38th Regiment of Foot and The Cedars, Bromley Common, Kent, Director of the Mid-Kent Railway, son of Rev. Thomas Edwards, Rector of Alford, Cheshire
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[The Cedars, Bromley Common, Kent.] Dated from between September 1835 and February 1880.

146pp., 12mo, in autograph, almost entirely consisting of poetic compositions, with numerous emendations; with a further 35 cuttings of poems laid down (33 of them by Edwards) and another two cuttings of another two poems loosely inserted. Also loosely inserted are two poems (totalling 7pp., 4to): 'To Ill Health', dated September 1835; and 'The last hope', 28 December 1869. In contemporary dark-green crushed morocco binding, gilt, recently rebacked by Ipsley Bindery with new enpapers. All edges gilt.

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