[Horace Sequeira, actor, portrait painter and make-up artist.] Four items: Autograph Duologue titled 'Seeing the Coronation'; duplicated duologue titled 'A Quiet Day's Sketching in Sussex'; and two price lists.

Horace Sequeira (1887-1973), actor, make-up artist, portrait painter [Old Vic and Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London]
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All four undated (one circa 1953 and the others earlier). One item from 5 Belsize Crescent, Hampstead, NW3 [London], and two others from 17 Welbeck Mansions, Inglewood Rd, NW6.

Sequeira was born in Aldgate. In the years following his service in the London Regiment during the First World War, he acted in Shakespeare at the Old Vic, and he would continue as an actor into the age of film and television. In addition to acting Sequeira taught (including a youthful Peter Cushing) at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, painted, and in 1953 published a book on stage make-up. The present four items, all undated, are in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Autograph duologue titled 'Seeing the Coronation'. 5pp., foolscap 8vo. With revised conclusion, 1p., 12mo.

[ Printed items. ] Leichner of London, stage make up manufacturers: set of sixteen 'Leichner Make-Up Charts', notes on 'Casualty Faking' for Civil Defence Training, and other material.

L. Leichner (London) Ltd., make-up for stage, film, photography and television, founded by Ludwig Leichner (1838-1912)
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L. Leichner (London) Ltd., Leichner House, Acre Lane, SW2; Leichner Make-Up and Beauty Studio 44a Cranbourn Street, WC2. One item dted April 1958 and the others from the same period.

The material is in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: Set of 16 black and white 'Leichner Make-Up Charts', each on a loose 22 x 13.5 cm piece of art paper. Complete with covering leaf. Illustration and instructions on how to prepare make-up for characters including 'Haggard Man', 'Villain', 'Stage Butler', 'Italian', 'Arab', 'Clown', 'Red Indian', 'Oriental', 'Jovial Woman' and 'Ballet'. TWO: Duplicated Typescript titled 'Casualty Faking'. 6pp., 4to.

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