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[Fredric March, famous Hollywood actor.] Autograph Inscription Signed ('Fredric March') to 'Michael'.

Fredric March [born Ernest Frederick McIntyre Bickel] (1897-1975), Hollywood actor
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

On one side of 11 x 12.5 cm leaf of pink paper, with rounded outer edges, detached from an autograph album. In fair condition, lighty aged and a little grubby. Reads: 'To | Michael | sincerely | Fredric March'.

[ Samuel March Phillipps, legal writer and civil servant. ] Three Letters in a secretarial hand, all signed by him ('S M Phillipps'), to Seymour Teulon, regarding his attempts to present an 'Address of the Borough of Southwark' at a levee.

Samuel March Phillipps (1780-1862), legal writer and civil servant, Permanent Under-Secretary for Home Affairs [ Lord John Russell; Seymour Teulon, chairman, Southwark Reform Association ]
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All three from Whitehall. 18 and 22 July 1837, and 10 February 1838.

The three items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The first two, both on black-bordered paper, are each 1p., 4to; the third is 1p., folio. In the three letters Teulon's address is given as Dean Street, Southwark. The first two appear to be in Phillipps's hand, but the matter is uncertain. Phillipps writes on behalf of the Home Secretary Lord John Russell, to whom he acted as private secretary.

A complete run of the 14 numbers of 'Cinema Studies The Journal of the Society for Film History Research'.

Neville March Hunnings and John Gillett, editor [The Society for Film History Research, London]
Publication details: 
The Society for Film History Research, London. Between March 1960 and September 1967 (all published).

[8] + 344 + [7]pp., 12mo, and four pages of plates (vol.2, no.2). Fourteen issues, loose, with volume 1 (issues 1-9) continuously paginated to 244; and volume 2 (issues 1-5) paginated to 90; with the volume's separate prelims (8pp.) and index (7pp.) ready for binding up. Two identical fliers for the society (giving its 'Purpose') loosely inserted. The collection is in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, but with rusted staples to all volumes. Hunnings and Gillett are named as editors of the first four volumes, thereafter Hunnings alone.

[The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.] Sturdy brown suitcase belonging to an anti-nuclear protester, containing numerous pamphlets, stickers, a traffic lamp from Greenham Common Air Force base, and other material.

[The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament [1981; Greenham Common RAF base; Protect and Survive]
Publication details: 
Twelve pamphlets from 1980 and 1981, one from 1977, and two from 1979. With another item from 1988.

A powerful and evocative artefact, and a decided museum piece, mainly centring on the year 1980 and 1981, significant years in the movement's history, with a quarter of a million people marched through central London in support of CND in 1981. The collection includes a copy of the 1980 government pamphlet 'Protect and Survive', and E. P. Thompson's celebrated riposte of the same year, 'Protest and Survive'. The collection is in fair condition, with signs of age and wear which enhance rather than detract from its impact.

Autograph Letter Signed to William Symonds, R.N., with presentation copy of 'Some Remarks on the Rules to be observed in forming a Code of International Signals; with a comparative review of the systems proposed [...] by Captain Levin Joergen Rohde'.

Henry Cranmer Phillipps [Henry Cranmer March Phillipps], R.N.; Captain Levin Joergen Rohde, of the Royal Danish Navy, Knight of the Dannebrog; Sir William Symonds
Publication details: 
LETTER: [Avebury, B[uckinghamshire]?], 3 November 1835; PAMPHLET: London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman, Paternoster-row. 1835. [Printed by Manning and Smithson, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row.]

Full subtitle: 'With a comparative review of the systems proposed by H. Cranmer Phillipps, R.N. and by Captain Levin Joergen Rohde, of the Royal Danish Navy, Knight of the Dannebrog, &c. &c.' The letter was previously attached by four small pieces of red sealing wax on the verso of its blank second leaf to the title-page of the pamphlet. Letter and pamphlet are now detached, with traces of wax adhering to both, but not affecting the text of either. LETTER: 12mo, one page. Good on aged paper.

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