Signed Manuscript Indenture on vellum, with seals, 'Between The Right Honorable Anthony Earl of Meath [...] and Arthur Thomas of the City of Dublin Gentleman', regarding the renewal of a lease.

Anthony Brabazon (1721-1790), 8th Earl of Meath, Irish peer [Arthur Thomas of Dublin]
Publication details: 
[Dublin.] 30 January 1777.

On one side of a small skin (c.35 x 43 cm). In fair condition: somewhat worn and aged. Laid out in the usual fashion, with embossed tax stamp in margin. Signed on gutter 'Meath' and 'Arth; Thomas', with the signatories two seals in red wax (both cracked and with some loss). In English. Signatures of the two witnesses on reverse: 'Nichs. Thompson' and 'Joh Morrisson'. Scan on application.

[Printed pamphlet for the "Empire Day" Movement. (Non-Party and Non-Sectarian.)] "Empire Day," May 24th. Letters, Address, and Information in regard to the "Empire Day" Movement. Open Letter from the Earl of Meath.

[Reginald Brabazon (1841-1929), 12th Earl of Meath; "Empire Day" Movement. (Non-Party and Non-Sectarian.'), London]
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Leaflet No. 1. [Burt & Sons, Printers, 58, Porchester Road, Bayswater, London, W.] [1905.]

20pp., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged paper, with lightly rusted staples. Stamp, shelfmarks and labels of the Board of Education Reference Library, London. Meath's letter is printed on pp.1-4, and is followed by an 'Appeal by the Earl of Meath to Churches and Congregations of All Denominations within the Empire.' (p.5), and an address by Meath on 'The "Empire Day" Movement' (pp.6-13). The last three items in the pamphlet are the songs 'God Save the King' and 'The Flag of Britain', both with musical scores, and Kipling's poem 'Recessional'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('John F. Dillon') from Sir John Fox Dillon of Lismullen to 'My dear Mary', criticising the 'queer state' of Irish politics, First World War 'shirkers', and describing what he claims as the first tractor in Ireland.

Sir John Fox Dillon (1843-1925) of Lismullen, Navan, County Meath, Baron of the Holy Roman Empire
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On letterhead of Lismullen, Navan, County Meath [Ireland; Eire]. 20 December 1917.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. 61 lines, closely written in a crabbed, difficult hand. Good, on lightly-aged paper. He begins by thanking her for a book, before commenting: 'Things are in such a queer state in this country that it is hard to know what will happen. This Government is enough to drive one mad. They are afraid to do a thing until the Convention has come to some sort of compromise (which no party will accept). The Sin [sic] Feins will do their best to upset any recommendation the Convention may come to. You must remember there are the Ulster men (Royalists) Royalists [sic] from all parts.

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