[Edmond Brock, painter.] Five Autograph Letters Signed (four signed 'Edmond Brock' and one 'E. Brock') to Colonel F. H. L. Oldham, regarding a commission to paint his wife Christabel Josephine Oldham.

Edmond Brock [Charles Edmond Brock] (1882-1952), painter [Colonel Frederick Hugh Langston Oldham Overley Hall, Shropshire]
Publication details: 
Four from 1920, the other undated but from the same period. Four from 2 St John's Wood Studios, Queens Terrace, [London] N.W.8., three of them on letterheads; the other from Merrieweathers House, Mayfield, Sussex.

An interesting correspondence, casting light on the practicalities of early twentieth-century English portrait-painting. The recipient is Colonel Frederick Hugh Langston Oldham, D.S.O., D.L., of Overley Hall, near Wellington, Shropshire, eldest son of the Archdeacon of Ludlow, and the letter concerns Brock's portrait of Oldham's wife Christabel Josephine Oldham. The five letters in good condition, lightly aged. The four dated letters are dated between 25 February and 13 July 1920. The total 9pp (seven in 8vo and two in 12mo).

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