[ Arthur Penrhyn Stanley ('Dean Stanley') and Charles Ranken Conybeare (friend of Lewis Carroll). ] Autograph Letter Signed from Conybeare to Stanley quoting Pliny the Younger, forwarded by Stanley to 'Pollen', with note on a girl's death.

Charles Ranken Conybeare (1821-1885), Vicar of Itchin Stoke, Hampshire [ Arthur Penrhyn Stanley [ 'Dean Stanley' ] 1815-1881); Charles Lutwidge Dodgson ('Lewis Carroll'); Christ Church, Oxford ]
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Without date or place [ Oxford ].

2pp., 12mo. On a bifolium. With Conyebeare's ALS ('Charles R Conybeare') continuing from the recto of the first leaf to the top of the second, and Stanley's ALS ('A P. Stanley') on the lower part of the recto of the second leaf. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, with closed tear up gutter. Conybeare's letter is addressed to 'My dear Stanley' and begins: 'The words I quoted are in C. Plin. Ep L:V xvi. In case you should not have the book'.

Corrected Autograph Draft and Corrected Page Proofs of the twenty-second lecture, 'The Youth of David', from the second part of 'Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church' by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, Dean of Westminster.

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley [Dean Stanley] (1815-1881), Dean of Westminster, theologian [King David]
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[London: John Murray, 1865.] Autograph draft undated. Proofs dated by Stanley to 1 August 1864.

The second of the three volumes of Stanley's lectures, subtitled 'From Samuel to the Captivity', was published by John Murray in 1865, the first volume having appeared two years earlier. The autograph draft is 4pp., 12mo, on a bifolium embossed with the Stanley crest (motto: 'Sans Changer'). Good, on lightly-aged paper.

Envelope, with stamp and postmark, addressed in autograph by Stanley to George Moore.

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley [1815-1881), Dean of Westminster [Dean Stanley.]
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Postmarked 16 April 1877, London.

Envelope (dimensions 6.5 x 12 cm) with mourning border. Lacking flap, but good. Penny red stamp with two circular postmarks in black ink. Docketed 'Dean Stanley' in neat contemporary hand above address, which reads 'George Moore Esq. | 15a. Court | Bayswater W.' Moore was a lace manufacturer and philanthropist.

Autograph Letter Signed ('A. P. Stanley') to unnamed male correspondent.

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley (1815-1881), Dean of Westminster
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16 April 1877; Deanery, Westminster.

12mo: 2 pp. Thick mourning border. Good. The recipient has provided a partial interlinear transcription of what the New DNB describes as 'Stanley's execrable handwriting'. Stanley is 'much obliged for having [his] attention called to anything in the Abbey Services which requires rectification', and will 'make inquiry into the cause of [his correspondent's] complaint'. The 'inattention [...] will be remedied, so far as the nature of the case admits'.

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