The Chelsea Herald. Progressive Conservatism, Local Interests and Social Reforms. Circulating throughout the Borough, in Chelsea, Kensington, Hammersmith and Fulham.

The Chelsea Herald, newspaper [Horsley Woods, proprietor; progressive Conservatism]
Publication details: 
No. 1. Vol. 1. 16 February 1884. 'Printed and Published by the Proprietor, Horsley Woods, at his Steam Printing Works, 207, King's-road, and Manresa-road, Chelsea.'

Tabloid, 16 pp. Unopened. Text clear and complete. On aged and foxed paper, with chipping to edges. Editorial, headed 'The Work Before Us', lays out the position of the new paper: 'It will be the duty and ambition of the "CHELSEA HERALD," while neglecting no local interest, while carefully protecting local enterprise from ignorant and intolerant dictation, to do all in its power to strengthen the hands of the True Popular Party of England in the National Legislature of the land.' Reports include 'Alleged Starvation of a child' and 'Jobbery in Fulham'.

Autograph 'Proposal for an Alteration in the Introductory Rule of the Unitarian Association', in a letter to Watson.

William Alexander (1763-1857) of Great Yarmouth, Unitarian minister, schoolmaster and bookseller [John Watson of Holborn Hill; Unitarianism]
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18 May 1832; Great Yarmouth.

Small folio, 1 p. Twenty-seven lines of text. Clear and complete. Good, on lightly-aged and worn paper, with thin strip from previous mounting adhering at head of reverse, which, with two small red wax seals and two postmarks, is addressed to 'John Watson Esqr. | No. 55 & 56 | Near St. Andrew's Ch. | Holborn Hill | London'. The text is entirely devoted to the subject under the heading. In a neat exposition of his position, Alexander proposes and defends three changes. The substitution of 'promulgation' for 'promotion' would, 'as our worthy friend Dr.

Autograph Letter Signed ('John Fisher') to the Rev. E. Taggart, Addison Rd, Kennington, regarding the distribution of Unitarian material in France and Spain.

John Fisher (d. 1850), author and member of the Committee of the Unitarian Association
Publication details: 
8 July 1843; 4 Highbury Park.

4to, 1 p. In bifolium. Fifteen lines of text. Clear and complete. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with thin strip of archival paper from mount adhering to the second leaf. Addressed and docketed, with postmarks, on the reverse of the second leaf. Begins by discussing a translation, then discusses a 'grant of Books': 'probably a series or two of the Repository may relieve the shelves of the society to some advantage'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Dav. Davison') to the Committee, Unitarian Association, Walbrook Buildings.

Rev. David Davison (1795-1859), minister of the Old Jewry Chapel, Jewin Street, London [Unitarianism]
Publication details: 
6 October 1831; Islington.

12mo, 2 pp. In bifolium. Twenty-two lines of text, clear and complete. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with thin strip from mount adhering to reverse of second leaf, which carries the address, a red wax seal, and docketing. On behalf of 'Mr Palmer of Carmarthen (late of Liverpool)', he is applying for 'a grant of Tracts for distribution in that town'. He concurs with Palmer that the tracts 'may be circulated there with great facility & made materially to serve the cause of Unitarianism'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J Bowring') to unnamed recipient.

Sir John Bowring (1792-1872), English polymath, 4th Governor of Hong Kong [Unitarianism; radicalism; William Roberts; Thiruvenkatam Vellala]
Publication details: 
10 March 1828; 4 Highbury Park.

12mo, 1 p. Clear and complete. Good, on lightly-aged paper. In a bifolium, with thin strip of archival tape along edge of reverse of second leaf from previous mounting. He is enclosing 'W Roberts' letter & the answer' (neither present), and asks for a duplicate to be made of the latter item and 'sent forward'. Complains of 'a sad irregularity of Messrs Forbes & Co', asking if the matter has been set straight.

Parchment Manuscript Indenture, consisting of the counterpart lease of No. 50 Holywell Street, Strand, Middlesex, from the Revd Charles Felton Smith, Edwin Augustus Smith and others to John Bedford Leno.

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Leno (1824-94) was a printer, publisher, poet and editor, and a significant figure in nineteenth-century radicalism. In 1845, while a printer, he led a group of radical workers who started a Young Men's Improvement Society and circulated a manuscript newspaper entitled the 'Attempt'. He then became branch secretary of the local Chartists. In 1849 the 'Attempt' became a printed journal, the 'Uxbridge Pioneer'. In 1861 he was editor of the 'Poetic Magazine' and in 1881 of the 'Anti-tithe Journal'.

ALS, Winifred Gales, wife of Joseph, to her sister in law, Sarah Gales (Sheffield, England)

[ Joseph Gales, American journalist, friend of Joseph Priestley, fled England after advocating Thomas Paine's principles, founder of Raleigh, North Carolina, etc., etc.]
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2 Sept. (n.y.)

4pp., folio, tears and other damage marginally affecting text. She writes at length about the loss of a daughter, describing her last days and the family's grief. The daughter had been heavily involved in charitable works and involved with the activities of a "Benevolent Society. She gives some other family news, including the activities and state of health of Joseph Gales and news of the community, and talks of their friend "Judge Johnson" becoming Governor of Louisiana. A very substantial letter.

Die Klassengegensätze von 1789 Zum hundertjährigen Gedenktag der grossen Revolution.

Karl Kautsky
Publication details: 
1889; Stuttgart: J. H. W. Dietz.

One of the best-known theoreticians of the Second International (1854-1938). Subtitled 'Separat-Abdruck aus der "Neuen Zeit", Heft 1-4, 1889.' 79 pages, 8vo. In original grey printed wraps. Paper browning and with some fraying to corners of prelims, but good and tight with last gathering unopened. Wraps discoloured, with some wear and loss. Rear wrap, with publishers advertisements on outside, loose.

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