[Dame Margot Fonteyn, the Royal Ballet and Rudolf Nureyev.] Indexed volume from the editorial office of the magazine 'Ballet Today', containing reviews and photographs of Fonteyn, some with Nureyev, with typed and manuscript annotation.

'[Dame Margot Fonteyn, the Royal Ballet and Rudolf Nureyev] Ballet Today', London dance magazine, founded by P. W. Manchesterr [Janet Sinclair]
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'Ballet Today', London. Between 1954 and 1970.

Ballet Today was a monthly magazine founded in 1946 by Phyllis Winifred Manchester (1907-1998). In 1951 Manchester settled in New York, leaving four colleagues, one of whom was Janet Sinclair (c.1922-1999), in joint charge of the magazine. The present item is a volume from the editorial office of 'Ballet Today', containing numerous cuttings of photographs and reviews from the magazine, with typed captions and manuscript annotations, also a few photographic prints, laid down over 104pp., 4to, of a scrapbook bound in green cloth.

Small collection of material relating to 'Music Today', comprising two advertisements, the programme for the inaugural concert, and a Typed Letter Signed from Hamilton to V. W. A. Conn, with the autograph draft of Conn's letter to Hamilton.

Iain Hamilton (1922-2000), Scottish composer, chairman of the 'Music Today' contemporary music programmes, held in the Royal Festival Hall Recital Room [Samuel Beckett]
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All items dating from 1960.

For more information relating to this influential series of concerts, see 'Pursuit: The Uncensored Memoirs of John Calder' (2001). Seven items, including two duplicates. Text of all items clear and complete. In fair condition, but with one side of a duplicate advertisement heavily sunned (see below). ONE: Typed Letter Signed ('Ian Hamilton') from Hamilton to Conn (husband of the poet Jeanne Conn), 12 February 1960. 4to, 1 p. Eighteen lines. Responding to Conn's criticisms, explaining reasons for cutting short discussion and cancelling part of the programme, and giving future plans.

Printed Memorandum of Agreement with Anthony Blond Ltd, signed 'Ellen Wright', for the English publication rights of her husband's 'Lawd Today'; with a typed agreement between Blond and Hamilton & Co. for the English paperback rights.

Ellen Wright (nee Poplar) (1912-2004), second wife and widow of the American author Richard Wright (1908-60)
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Memorandum, London, 29 June 1964; paperback rights, London, 15 May 1964.

The Memorandum is a four-page folio (leaf size roughly fourteen inches by nine and a half) bifolium. In very good condition, lightly creased and folded. It details Mrs Wright's royalties (as 'proprietor'), advance and percentages. The paperback rights agreement consists of four typewritten pages, on four leaves, each roughly thirteen inches by eight, stapled together at the head beneath green tape. Very good, though lightly creased and with some fraying to tape. It is signed by the Hamilton & Co. chairman Joseph and witnessed by his secretary E. M. Holloway.

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