[Dame Margot Fonteyn, the Royal Ballet and Rudolf Nureyev.] Indexed volume from the editorial office of the magazine 'Ballet Today', containing reviews and photographs of Fonteyn, some with Nureyev, with typed and manuscript annotation.

'[Dame Margot Fonteyn, the Royal Ballet and Rudolf Nureyev] Ballet Today', London dance magazine, founded by P. W. Manchesterr [Janet Sinclair]
Publication details: 
'Ballet Today', London. Between 1954 and 1970.

Ballet Today was a monthly magazine founded in 1946 by Phyllis Winifred Manchester (1907-1998). In 1951 Manchester settled in New York, leaving four colleagues, one of whom was Janet Sinclair (c.1922-1999), in joint charge of the magazine. The present item is a volume from the editorial office of 'Ballet Today', containing numerous cuttings of photographs and reviews from the magazine, with typed captions and manuscript annotations, also a few photographic prints, laid down over 104pp., 4to, of a scrapbook bound in green cloth.

[ Phyllis Hartnoll, theatre historian and poet. ] Four Typed Letters Signed to the theatrical bookseller Barry Duncan, with other material relating to the purchase of items from him.

Phyllis Hartnoll (1906-1997), theatre historian, musicoloist, poet and publisher [ Barry Duncan [ Horace Alexander Barry Duncan ] (1909-1985), London theatre historian ]
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Three of the letters on Oxford University Press letterheads. Other items addressed from her home, Hobbits, Nether Westcote, Kingham, Oxon. 1945 and 1946.

Nine items. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Heavily annotated by Duncan. The letters (each 1p. long, two in 4to and two in 8vo) concern her orders and wants'. On 23 April 1945 she writes: 'I find on looking through the Play Pictorial bound volumes that No. 28 His Highness My Husband is missing. It is not a very important one, in fact I don't remember hearing of the play before, but if you happen to have a copy among your single numbers, I should be glad to have it, in order to complete the volume.

[ The Camden Town Murder, 1907. ] Printed Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) press card, signed by sheriff Charles Cheers Wakefield, and annotated by representative of the Pall Mall Gazette.

Charles Cheers Wakefield (1859-1941), 1st Viscount [ The Camden Town Murder, 1907; Emily Dimmock; Robert Wood; the Central Criminal Court [ Old Bailey ]; Edward Marshall Hall; Walter Sicket ]
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The Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey), London. Stamped first day of trial, 12 December 1907.

On one side of a 10 x 12.5 cm piece of card. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Signed 'C C Wakefield' and granting admission to 'the representative of the [ Pall Mall ]', the trial beginning on 12 December 1907. Annotated around Wakefield's signature: 'For the trial of Robert Wood for the murder of Emily Dimmock, of St Paul's Road, Camden Town | Judge - W Justice Grantham | Leading Conuncil - Sir Charles Mathews for the prosecution; Mr Marshall Halll for the defence. | Verdict - Not guilty.'

[ Phyllis Hartnoll, theatre historian. ] Correspondence with her agent W. T. Macqueen-Pope, impressario Jack Hylton and actress Freda Jackson regarding her translation of 'The Lady of the Camellias', together with two versions of the translation.

Phyllis Hartnoll (1906-1997), theatre historian [ Jack Hylton (1892-1965), impressario; Freda Jackson (1907-1990), actress; W. Macqueen-Pope ]
Publication details: 
Correspondence dating from 1948, except for single items from 1947 and 1950. Hartnoll's letters either from Hobbits, Nether Westcote, Kingham, Oxon, or on Oxford University Press letterheads. Other correspondence from various London addresses.

An interesting collection, giving an insight into theatre practices in post-war Britain. Hartnoll is commissioned by the actress Freda Jackson, then at the height of her popularity, to produce an adaptation of the play, Jackson gets impressario Jack Hylton and producer Anthony Hawtrey on board, and there is the inevitable falling out between the actress and the author, with Macqueen-Pope, who is acting as Hartnoll's agent, playing the mediator, as matters become acrimonious.

[The School of Architecture, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn.] Striking printed poster/magazine: 'NUMBER 1. | Periodical for the communication of ideas and opinions between students and teachers The School of Architecture Pratt Institute Brooklyn'.

The School of Architecture, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn; Theo David; Myron Goldfinger; Paul Heyer; Hanford Yang; Gamal El-Zoghby; James Sterling; André Hoderé; Larry Pons; Phyllis Tuchman
Publication details: 
The School of Architecture, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. Spring 1971.

Presumably all published. An excessively scarce item, with no copy traced, and none listed on OCLC WorldCat or COPAC. Printed in black on one side of a piece of thick white 85 x 55 cm paper. A display item, in fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with three small closed tears at crease ponts, and one dog-eared corner with slight loss to margin edge below. Striking modernist design, with architectural plans, photographic illustrations, and central collage of architectural features, and two columns of sans serif text, with headings in 'cargo crate' font.

Album of correspondence and newspaper cuttings., including material relating to ecclesiastical matters, Liberal politics and Bedfordshire.

Reverend Paul Williams Wyatt (c.1855-1935), Vicar of St Leonard's, Bedford, and Chaplain of the Chapel Royal, Savoy, antiquary and author [William Ewart Gladstone; Liberal politics; Bedfordshire]
Publication details: 

See obituary, Times, 31 December 1935. Son of geologist James Wyatt. Educated at Christ Church, Oxford. Books include 'Hardrada, and Other Poems' (1878). Most items in the album laid down on around forty leaves of an 8vo ledger, but much matter loosely inserted. Ledger internally sound and clean, in worn, sturdy boards, with spine lacking. Contents in good condition, clear and complete. Cuttings browning slightly.

Autograph Manuscript musical score, 'From "The Waters of Babylon" (Psalm 137) | (May 1935.)', with autograph signature ('E. Phyllis Roberts'). With autograph poem, 'To the Gentle Owner of this Album', signed by 'Moir Carnegie'.

E. Phyllis Roberts, organist, winner of the Henry W. Richards Prize for the organ at the Royal Academy of Music; Dr Moir Carnegie of the Royal Academy of Music
Publication details: 
Dated 'June 15th, 1935.'

On one side of a piece of pink paper, roughly 18 x 23.5 cm, removed from an autograph album. Good, on lightly aged paper. Eight bars of music and libretto, with staves for 'Soprani', 'Alti', 'Tenori' and 'Bassi'. Covering most of the page, and followed by 'From "The Waters of Babylon" (Psalm 137) | (May 1935.) | E. Phyllis Roberts. | June 15th, 1935.' Twenty-nine line poem 'To the Gentle Owner of this Album' on the reverse, signed 'Moir Carnegie | 21-6-10'. (in whose name a "prestigious" prize was given).

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