Autograph Letter Signed in French from Jean de Perregaux of Neuchâtel, presenting his cousin Carle de Marval of the Red Cross to General P. Markow, Aide-de-Camp to Ferdinand I, Tsar of Bulgaria, and referring to the Battle of Kirk Kilisse.

Jean de Perregaux (1860-1919) of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, engineer and artillery officer [General P. Markow, aide-de-camp to Ferdinand I, Tsar of Bulgaria; Battle of Kirk Kilisse; First Balkan War]
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Neuchâtel [Switzerland]. 5 November 1912.

1p., 8vo, and 1p., 12mo. A bifolium, with the first page (in 12mo) on the recto of the first leaf, and the second page (in 8vo) lengthwise across the verso of the first leaf and the recto of the second. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-ruckled paper. With envelope addressed by Perregaux to 'Monsieur le Général P. Markow | Aide de camp général de S. M. le Roi des Bulgares. | Sophia | Bulgarie'. On monogrammed letterhead, addressed to 'Mon cher Markow', and signed 'J de Perregaux'. Perregaux begins by stating that he was agreeably surprised by Markow's telegram 'de Gare Yamboli'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('G. H. Seymour.'), written from St Petersburg by the English diplomat Sir George Hamilton Seymour in 1853, the year of his celebrated 'Seymour conversations' with Tsar Nicholas I, asking for three maps to be sent to him.

Sir George Hamilton Seymour (1797-1880), British diplomat, best known for the 'Seymour conversations' in 1853 with the Russian Tsar Nicholas I
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St Petersburg, Russia. 14 May 1853.

2pp., 12mo. Aged and creased, on Seymour's monogrammed letterhead. The letter, on the recto of the first leaf, is addressed to 'Gentlemen' (possibly Stamfords, the London firm of map-sellers). It reads: 'I shall be much obliged to you to send me the three Maps marked overleaf, mounted on <?> in a small parcel to be left at the Foreign Office to the care of F. B. Alston Th Esqre who will have the kindness to pay for the same. / The parcel to be directed to Sir Hamilton Seymour G.C.B. H.M. Minster, St Petersburg'.

Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Paul Vinogradoff') and two Typed Letters Signed ('P. Vinogradoff') to Sir Henry Trueman Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Sir Paul Gavrilovitch Vinogradoff [Pavel Gavriilovich Vinogradov] (1854-1925), Anglo-Russian historian and jurist
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Typed Letters, 24 September and 2 October 1915, both from Court Place, Iffley, Oxford; Autograph Letters, 13 February and 12 March 1924, both on letterhead of 36 Beaumont Street, Oxford.

All items very good. The typed letters are both 4to, 1 p, and the autograph letters both 12mo, 1 p. Three items bear the Society's stamp. Letter One (typed, 24 September 1915, 10 lines): He will have 'great pleasure in addressing the Society of Arts', but there is 'one point which must be settled carefully beforehand'.

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