Autograph Letter Signed to unknown male correspondent; Autograph Signed endorsement of 'Dr. Dick of Dundee'; and facsimile of letter of thanks to his 'Birth-day Benefactors'.

James Montgomery (1771-1854), Scottish hymnwriter and poet
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The letter dated 29 May 1835, 10 New Palace Yard, Westminster; the endorsement dated 'The Mount, September 19. 1850'; the facsimile dated 'The Mount nr Sheffield, Nov. 4. 1851.'
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The letter (8vo, 1 p) is foxed, but otherwise very good. Had he not been 'engaged for ten days past to dine three or four miles off with an old acquaintance', whom it is too late to disappoint, he would have been happy to avail himself of the kind invitation. Sends best wishes and prayers to the recipient's family, 'from the elder to the youngest'. The endorsement (12mo, 1 p, 10 lines; on aged and foxed paper) praises Dick as 'Author of various admirable Treatises on Sacred and Scientific Subjects', who has 'established an equitable claim on the gratitude of his Contemporaries, which (especially at this time,) may be well manifested by their patronage of a plan, intended at once to promote his personal comfort, and cause the benefits of his valuable labours to be extended to multitudes of the generation to come'. The facsimile (8vo, 3 pp) is good, but with blank verso of second leaf of bifolium somewhat grubby, and with two short closed tears along crease lines. Expressing, in florid terms and at length, his gratitude to those 'who have pleased to regard with kindness, an Octogenarian on his Birth-day Anniversary'. The lot,