[Heinrich Leberecht Fleischer, German orientalist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Fleischer'), in French, to Edward William Lane, full of interesting content about orientalists, including an attack on Juynboll's edition of the 'Merasid el-ittila'.

Heinrich Leberecht Fleischer (1801-1888), German orientalist, Professor of oriental languages at the University of Leipzig [Edward William Lane (1801-1876), orientalist, translator of Arabian Nights]
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23 June 1851; Leipzig.

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, aged and worn, no thin paper, with several folds. Seventy-two lines of closely and neatly written text. Addressed by Fleischer on reverse of second leaf 'A Monsieur Edward Wm. Lane | en | Angleterre. | West Terrace, Worthing, Sussex. | par l'entremise de Mss. Williams & Norgate. | avec | Zeitschrift d. D. M. G. | T. 5, Cah. 3.' A fine letter, full of interesting content indicating a liberal attitude to the sharing of information among Victorian orientalists. He begins by writing that he received Poole's letter of 3 May a little before one from 'Mr.

[ Richard F. Burton; Arabian Nights Edition de luxe; Grolier Society ] PROSPECTUS [to Arabian Nights Entertainments/ The Book of the Thousand Nights anda Night] With enclosures

[ Richard F. Burton; Arabian Nights Edition de luxe; Subscription Edition ]
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[ From enclosed printed letter] The Grolier Society, 50 Great Russell Street, London, WC, 1902.

Prospectus, [24]pp., cr. 8vo, decorative coloured wraps, arabic style, some gilt, rusted at staples, "Printed for Subscribers Only". [1] Hf-title; [2] Swinburne poem to Burton; [3] titlepage; [4-19] description of the book and various aspects; [[20-2]] Specimen pages; [23] Previous publication by Grolier (=Charles Lever); [24] blank. Two plates (ilustrations) loosely inserted. Other enclosures are: A Substantial printed letter signed G.

Print of pencil drawing of Sharif Muhammad Amin, son of H.H. Amir 'Ali Haidar Pasha (1866-1935), Grand Sharif and Amir of Mecca.

W. B. Jemmett (d.1925), British miniature-painter and dandy [Sharif Muhammad Amin; H.H. Amir 'Ali Haidar Pasha, Grand Sharif and Amir of Mecca; Biarritz; Saudi Arabia; Arabic; Arabian; Arab]
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On a piece of grey paper roughly 25 x 22 cm, with card backing. The backing is rough-edged, the picture having been removed from its mount, but the edges of the print itself are undamaged. A little grubby, and with minor spotting and staining. Depicts the moustachioed sitter's head in profile, looking to his right, wearing a white guthra with decorative igaal. The image includes a reproduction of Jemmett's signature in the bottom right-hand corner, with the sitter's signature, in Arabic script, reproduced in the bottom left-hand corner.

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