Autograph Letter Signed ('Edw. Baines') to 'Robt. <Scarbrow?>'.

Sir Edward Baines [Edward Baines junior] (1800-1890), nonconformist English newspaper editor and Member of Parliament
Publication details: 
3 Queen Sq | 1st. June <year?>.

12mo, 2 pp. In bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Difficult hand. He has not considered the question carefully, but his impression is that 'the Monopoly of the printing of the Holy Scriptures in Scotland and Ireland might cease by the Kings Printers not only without injuring but with benefit to the public'.

Autograph Letter Signed to William <Wantjl?>.

Sir Edward Baines
Publication details: 
12 September 1859; on letterhead 'Headingley Lodge, Leeds'.

Journalist, economist and politician (1800-90), M.P. for Leeds. Two pages, 12mo. In poor condition: grubby, folded three times and with two spike holes at foot. 'I am not aware that I have any power to obtain a Midshipman's Commission for any one: but if I had, I should not think it right to use it except in the application of the parents or guardians of the young man wishing for it. I must therefore request you to make your wishes known to your parents; & if they desire it I might forward to the Board of Admiralty a written application from them.

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