[Marian McPartland, jazz pianist and composer.] Autograph Letter Signed to Les Tompkins of Jazz magazine ‘Crescendo’, announcing a collaboration with ‘charming’ Benny Goodman, with news of other jazz greats, including Quincy Jones.

Marian McPartland [Margaret Marian McPartland, née Turner] (1918-2013), Anglo-American jazz pianist and composer, wife of trumpeter Jimmy McPartland [Les Tomkins; Benny Goodman; Quincy Jones]
Publication details: 
29 September [1963]; 41 Webster Street, Merrick, New York.

A good letter, full of content. 2pp, 8vo. Air mail letter with New York postmark, 30 September 1963. Signed ‘Marian’ and addressed to ‘Mr. Les Tompkins / 96, St Helier Ave / Morden / Surrey’. Writing after the publication of an interview with her by Tompkins in ‘Crescendo’, she begins: ‘Dear Les. Thank you, & Tony also, for the copies of Crescendo - Boy! I was verbose, wasn’t I! I got a kick out of the record review, & thought everyone was very complimentary. Wish Steve Race had been there! He always insists you can tell a female player (and of course I think that is a lot of you-know-what)’.

Manuscript of the United States Corps of Cadets anthem 'Benny Havens, Oh!', dated 'As sung by the U.S. Corps Cadets | 1864'. With explanatory introduction in manuscript, and with the '22nd. verse written at the beginning of the [American Civil] war'.

Lieutenant Lucius O'Brien; Ripley Allen Arnold (1817-1853) [Corps of Cadets, United States Military Academy, West Point; Benny Havens (c.1787-1877)]
Publication details: 
[On West Point letterheads?] 1864.

8pp., 12mo. On four bifoliums, placed inside one another to make a booklet. Each bifolium with embossed [West Point?] letterhead of a letter 'W' within a shield. A fair copy, with the title reading: 'Benny Havens, Oh! | as sung | by the | U.S. Corps Cadets - | 1864.' The twenty-two line introduction covers the whole of the second page.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Bob. Crosby') to 'Dear Ken' [Ken Ryan].

Bob Crosby (1913-1993), American dixieland bandleader and vocalist, best known for his group 'Bob Crosby and the Bob Cats'
Publication details: 
New Years Eve, 1955.' On letterheads of The Aladdin Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri.

4to, 4 pp. Good, on lightly creased paper. From the Ken Ryan collection. Long, rambling, good-humoured letter on the . 'Here it is New Years Eve and I'm at home, and being quiet. - I was tired as we have worked hard all week. - and its good to be quiet. [...] London must have been interesting during the holiday season - I hope to some day see it but when I ever will is the question I'm never to [sic] good to save money. - Next week we have the Monte Carlo Ballet. Russe. and I am looking forward to seeing it. with pleasure. I've always been so fond of ballet.'

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