[ Thomas Wilkinson Wallis, wood carver ('the Grinling Gibbons of the 19th century'). ] Eight autograph items: six journal fragments, including eight pages on the 1851 Great Exhibition; description of his 'Trophies of Spring'; letter to his daughter.

Thomas Wilkinson Wallis (1821-1903), wood carver ('the Grinling Gibbons of the 19th century'), sculptor and painter of Louth in Lincolnshire [ The Great Exhibition, 1851 ]
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The letter to his daughter dated from Louth [ Lincolnshire ], 18 October 1884. Description of carving from 1851. Fragments from journal dealing with events in 1837, 1851, 1862 and 1866.

Thomas Wilkinson Wallis was the greatest wood carver of Victorian England. Born in impoverished circumstances in Hull, by 1844 he had established his own business in Louth Lincolnshire, and for the 1851 he submitted seven carvings, 'of which ‘Trophy of Spring’ was awarded a medal. It was his most intricate carving, it took him 8 months to complete and was considered to surpass the work of Grinling Gibbons.

[ Maria Ellen Reeks, wood carver and director of the School of Art Wood-Carving, South Kensingon. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('M E Reeks') to 'Mr. White', describing the relocation of the school to new premises. With printed ticket announcing the move

Maria Ellen Reeks (1858-1929), wood carver, teacher and director of the School of Art Wood-Carving, South Kensington
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Letter from 38 Thurloe Place, on letterhead of the School of Art Wood-Carving, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, S.W. [ London ] 27 December 1908.

Letter: 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. After discussing his relocation to Paris, she asks whether he has heard 'the news about our School and how we have just moved?

Collection of 25 items relating to the letter-cutter and typographer David Kindersley, collected by his biographer Montague Shaw, including pamphlets, keepsakes, brochure (some Eric Gill items), Autograph Letters Signed from Kindersley and his wife.

David Kindersley [David Guy Barnabas Kindersley] (1915-1995), letter cutter and alphabet designer; his third wife Lida Kindersley (b. 1955) [Cardozo Kindersley; Montague Shaw; Helen Annis; Eric Gill]
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1985-1997; most items sent from 152 Victoria Road, Cambridge [David Kindersley's Workshop; Cambridge Supervision; Cardozo Kindersley Editions].

An interesting assemblage of twenty-six items relating to a leading figure in twentieth-century British typography and design. David Kindersley's best-known work (in conjunction with his third wife Lida) is the iconic gates to the British Library at Euston. The collection is in very good condition. Among the items are three booklets, four keepsakes, one brochure, and ten letters and cards. ONE. Copy of David Kindersley's book 'Eric Gill, Further Thoughts by an Apprentice (London: The Wynkyn de Worde Society, 1982). 12mo, xii + [iv] + 24. Finely printed in green printed wraps. Very good.

Autograph Letter Signed ('George Frampton') to 'Rogers'.

Sir George Frampton [Sir George James Frampton] (1860-1928), English sculptor and craftsman, associated with the Arts and Crafts movement
Publication details: 
March 1894; 32 Queen's Road, London NW.

12mo, 2 pp. Good, on lightly aged paper with two punch holes to the the outer edge of the first page. He apologises for troubling Rogers: 'I have not heard from yet.' Asks if Rogers would mind 'writing to ask him why he wont pay up.' Hopes Rogers is 'quite well by this time. | My panel is in the frame and finished. I want you to come and have a look at it one Sunday morn.'

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