[John Tricker Conquest, physician-accoucheur (man-midwife) and author of the standard textbook ?Outlines of Midwifery?.] Autograph Note in the third person to ?Mr. Bullock? regarding the procurement of his ?Letters to a Mother?.

John Tricker Conquest (1789-1866), physician-accoucheur (man-midwife) whose ?Outlines of Midwifery? (1820) was a standard textbook in the first half of the nineteenth century
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?Finsbury Square [London] / Monday?. (In pencil in another hand ?Septr 1848?, and on paper with 1847 watermark.)

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. 1p, 12mo. On recto of first leaf of bifolium of grey paper. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. The subject is Conquest?s ?Letters to a Mother on the Management of Herself and her Children in Health and Disease?, published in 1848, which had reached a fourth edition by 1852. ?Dr. Conquest presents his compliments to Mr. Bullock & begs to say that the ?Letters? may be obtained at the publisher Longman & Co. Paternoster Row, & of Gladding Booksellers opposite Bunhill Fields City Road, & through any other bookseller.?

[W. H. Prescott [William Hickling Prescott], celebrated American historian of the conquest of Mexico and Peru.] Two Autograph Letters Signed, written while in England to ‘Lady Theresa [Lewis]’ regarding a stay at Grove Mill House, Watford.

W. H. Prescott [William Hickling Prescott] (1796-1859), celebrated American historian of Spain and the conquest of Mexico and Peru [Lady Maria Theresa Lewis (1803-1865)]
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2 September [1850], from Trentham [Staffordshire]; and 4 September [1850], from London.

Written during Prescott’s 1850 visit to England, where he was greatly feted and lionized. Both items in good condition, lightly aged and worn. Both folded for postage. Both to ‘Dear Lady Theresa’ and signed ‘Wm. H. Prescott’. See the Oxford DNB entry for the recipient Lady (Maria) Theresa Lewis (1803-1865), whose family home was the Grove, Watford, but who lived in Kent House in Knightsbridge with her second husband Sir George Cornewall Lewis, Bart, her first husband having been the novelist Thomas Henry Lister (1800-1842). ONE ‘Trentham / Sep. 2d.’ 1p, 12mo.

[Conquest of Cayenne, 1809.] Manuscript Petition to King George III, signed by Thomas Sevestre, surgeon of HMS Confiance, asking permission to 'enjoy the Privileges' of a Portuguese order. With seal of Portuguese ambassador Sousa Coutinho.

Conquest of Cayenne, 1809 [French Guiana conquered by the Portuguese under British leadership]; Sir Thomas Sevestre (1784-1842) [Sir James Lucas Yeo (1782-1818)]
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Certified correct in London on 31 March 1810.

The Conquest of Cayenne - part of Britain’s strategy of using its naval power to attack French colonial interests in the Napoleonic Wars - is described in the fifth volume of William James’s ‘Naval History of Great Britain’ (1827). Britain was only able to contribute HMS Confiance, but its captain James Lucas Yeo was put in charge of the whole expedition, and he and his crew performed with distinction (see Yeo’s entry in the Oxford DNB).

[Modernist magazine.] Six issues of 'Twentieth Century Verse' (10, 11, 12-13, 14, 17, 18), with cover by Wyndham Lewis and contributions by George Barker, Delmore Schwartz, John Berryman, Allen Tate.

Julian Symons, editor of the London modernist magazine 'Twentieth Century Verse' [Wyndham Lewis; George Barker; Roy Fuller; Robert Conquest; Allen Tate; Delmore Schwartz; John Berryman
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[The Editor, 45 St, George's Square, London, S.W.1.] Published between May 1938 (No. 10) and June/July 1939 (No. 18). [Diemer & Reynolds Ltd., printers, MIdland Road, Bedford.]

Each of the six issues in its original card wraps, the first four with cover design by Wyndham Lewis. Internally good, on lightly aged paper, in aged and worn wraps. A total of 176pp., 8vo. No.10 (May 1938), pp.29-54. No.11 ('Long poems by George Barker and Kenneth Allott', July 1938), pp.55-78. No.12-13 ('an attempt to get inside the covers of a small magazine a number of the best, and most representative, living poets born in America', October 1938), pp.79-118. No.14 (December 1938), pp.119-142. No.17 (April/May 1939), pp.1-26. No.18 ('A Special Number', June/July 1939), pp.27-62.

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