[ Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister. ] Two prints of portrait photographs by royal photographer Marcus Adams, with a pencil study from one of them by Adams on the reverse.

Marcus Adams (), royal photographer [ Neville Chamberlain [ Arthur Neville Chamberlain ] (1869-1940), British Conservative Prime Minister ]
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Without place or date. (Late 1930s.)

Neither print is ascribed, but in an unpublished typescript in the Adams Papers, Rosalind Thuillier (author of a 1985 monograph on Adams) quotes her husband Gilbert Adams (Marcus's son) as follows: 'Another phase of his activities as a photographer was into a device called "photo sculpture". [...] At the time of Munich he went round to the photo-sculpture's studio, and I accompanied him, to photograph Neville Chamberlain. Neville Chamberlain was photographed in this way and some many hundreds of these casts were made of him.

[Major-General Francis Gilbert Hamley.] Printed 'Testimonials in support of an application made by Captain Hamley, Army Pay Department, for the appointment of Colonial Secretary, Bermuda.

Major-General Francis Gilbert Hamley (1851-1918), Army Pay Department [Lieut-Gen. T.L. Gallwey; Lieut-Col. De Pentheny O'Kelley, Sir Robert Laffan; Lieut-Col. W. F. Kerr, the Buffs, Dover; R. H. Knox]
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[London. 1889.]

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with crease at one corner. In small type. Containing six testimonials, dating between 1883 and 1889, from: Lieut-Gen. T. L. Gallwey, Governor & Commander-in-Chief, Bermuda; Lieut-Col. De Pentheny O'Kelley, A.P.D.; Emma Laffan ('Lady Laffan, widow of the late Sir Robert Laffan, late Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Bermuda'); Lieut-Col. W. F. Kerr ('Commanding "The Buffs," Dover'); R. H. Knox ('the Financial Secretary'); H. W. Just, Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for the Colonies. Note at end: 'MEMO.

[Dover Easter Manoeuvres, 1892.] Printed orders for the Volunteer Tactical Field Day at Dover, Easter Monday, 1892.' With printed map.

Dover Easter Volunteer Manoeuvres, 1892, under Major-General Lord William Seymour, South-Eastern Division; Colonel J. C. Russell; Colonel J. B. Stirling; Colonel H. Kingscote
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[No place [Dover, England]. [18 April] 1892.]

Both orders and map are in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. ORDERS: Headed 'Volunteer Tactical Field Day at Dover, | Easter Monday, 1892.' 8pp., 8vo. Stitched. The first two pages list: Headquarter Staff; Umpire Staff (Umpire-in-Chief, The General Officer Commanding South Eastern Division); Attacking Force (Commanding - Colonel J. C. Russell); Defending Force (Commanding - Colonel J. B. Sterling); Railway Staff Officers. The third and fourth pages carry tables for the Attacking and Defending Forces. Pages 5-8 give the 'District Orders' by 'H.

Holograph poem (signed 'G J W A E') by George James Welbore Agar-Ellis, titled 'Remembrance & Hope | addressed to my dearest Caroline', lamenting the depression of his sister Caroline-Anne Agar-Ellis over their mother's death.

George James Welbore Agar-Ellis (1797-1833), 1st Baron Dover, politician and art patron, and his sister Caroline-Anne Agar-Ellis (1794-1814), children of Henry Welbore Agar-Ellis, 2nd Viscount Clifden
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Dated 'April 1814'.

2pp., 4to. Fair, on aged paper, with a thin strip from a stub adhering to one edge on the reverse. Previously folded into a packet, and docketed in a contemporary hand 'by Agar Ellis'. 24 lines in heroic couplets. Agar-Ellis's sister Caroline-Anne would die at Roehampton on 12 May 1814, a month after the writing of this poem, which links her demise with that of their mother, Caroline, daughter of the 4th Duke of Marlborough, a few months before (23 November 1813).

Autograph Letter Signed ('G Agar Ellis') to Jerdan, with seal.

George Agar-Ellis [George James Welbore Agar-Ellis, 1st Baron Dover] (1797-1833), politician and patron of the arts [William Jerdan (1782-1869), editor of the Literary Gazette; Sir Henry Halford]
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22 May 1827; Spring Gardens [London].

12mo, 1 p. In a bifolium, addressed and docketed on the reverse of the second leaf, to which the red wax seal adheres, in good condition with a clear impression of Agar-Ellis's monogram. Fair, on aged and grubby paper. If Jerdan has 'quite done' with Agar-Ellis's copy of 'G<?>'s improvements of London' asks if he will allow Agar-Ellis's 'messanger' to return it. 'If however you still wish to keep it, pray do.' Agar-Ellis has 'promised to lend it to Sir H Halford'.

Autograph Letter Signed 'To | the Revd: Doctor Shipley | Canon of Xt: Church | Oxford | by way of London'.

Catherine Douglas (née Hyde), Duchess of Queensberry and Dover (1701-1777), aristocratic beauty and literary patron [Jonathan Shipley (1713-1788), Bishop of St Asaph]
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Ambresbury [Amesbury]; 22 January [13 February] 1755.

4to: 3 pp. Bifolium. On neatly-repaired aged paper, with archival paper covering the two inner pages. Fifty-four lines of text, all clear and entire. Remains of black wax seal, with crest, on verso of second leaf, which carries the address and is docketed 'Maragna Mohammed'. A long letter in two parts, the second part beginning on the verso of the first leaf, which is headed 'now Febry: 13'.

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