[Joseph Jekyll, Regency politician and wit.] Autograph Letter Signed to George Agar-Ellis, on missing the 'Academy Dinner' by dining with the king; and manuscript copy of pun-laden account of ‘Bazaar in Mr Penn’s Garden for Charing Cross Hospital’.

Joseph Jekyll (1754-1837), Welsh lawyer, Whig politician and wit, Master in Chancery and Solicitor-General to the Prince of Wales [George James Welbore Agar-Ellis, 1st Baron Dover]
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Letter written on 'Sunday Morning'

The first item is fairly witty, while the second exhibits the sort of ‘excruciating puns’ for which Jekyll is, according to his entry in the Oxford DNB, largely remembered. See also Agar-Ellis’s entry in the same work. The two items are in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Letter of ‘Sunday Morning’ to ‘Dear Ellis’. 2pp, 12mo. Signed ‘Joseph Jekyll’. Folded twice. Minuted by recipient at head of first page: ‘May 1825 / Jekyll’.

Signed Autograph legal opinion of Sir Alexander Cockburn ('A. E. Cockburn'), regarding an action between H. D. Kingdon and a 'Mr. Newman' in 1841.

Sir Alexander James Edmund Cockburn (1802-1880), Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench and Liberal Solicitor-General (1850) and Attorney General (1851-1852) [H. D. Kingdon, author]
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'A. E. Cockburn | Temple | Decr. 16. 1841.'

On both sides of a piece of paper 25.5 x 41 cm. 44 lines. Fair, on aged paper. The upper part of the first page laid down on card, resulting in loss of text. Begins 'I am of opinion that no partnership was created between Mr. H. D. Kingdon & Mr. Newman by the Indenture of 1838 sufficient to bar the former on an action upon that deed.' The document dates from the year in which Cockburn took silk. H. D. Kingdon was author of 'The Old English Mastiff' (London, 1873).

Autograph Letter Signed ('S. Bannister'), in French, to 'Monsieur de Monglave, l'Institut Historique'.

Saxe Bannister (1790-1877), English writer and lawyer, the first Attorney-General of New South Wales [Eugène Garay de Monglave (1796-1873)]
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Au Mai, Jouy, Près Versailles, 23 Juin 1834'.

12mo, 4 pp. Bifolium. Good, on lightly aged paper. Addressed to 'Monsieur et Confrère'. He replied to de Monglave's last letters a couple of days previously, and he has addded 'deux ou trois propositions que je vous de traduire en bon François, et de lire à notre comité, au Conseil'. He wants to get to know 'quelques uns de mes voisins dans ce village où j'ai l'intention de passer six mois', and asks for letters of introduction. Lists four families he wishes to get to know and names some individuals with whom he is a little acquainted.

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