[Fitzroy Kelly; attempted murder is as bad as murder] {Part of?] Autograph Letter OR Note Signed with initials (probably a Postscript?) 'FK [FitzRoy Kelly]', later Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, to an unknown correspondent defining murder.

Sir Fitzroy Edward Kelly (1796-1880), Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, judge and Conservative politician [Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd (1795-1854), writer, judge and politician]
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No place or date. See Image.

One page, 8vo, strip on left edge from origins in an album(?), fair condition, completely legible if hasty. Text: I will let you off now - but you had better let me ask Gunning whether he has further occasion for you.| I think too that an attempt to murder is as bad as murder - But inasmuch as punishment is not to revenge [underlined] but to deter [underlined]; as long as murder is punishable with deat you have all the security that you can have against attempts to murder. | JK.

[Robert Huish, hack writer and authority on bees.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Robt Huish') to 'Mr Keene' of Furnivals Inn, regarding 'Mr Greening' and the Fleet Prison.

Robert Huish (1777-1850), hack writer and apiculturist (authority on bees)
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'K. B. [i.e. the King's Bench Prison, London] | 25 Jany 1808.'

1p., 8vo. Addressed on reverse to 'Mr Keene | Furnivals Inn'. In fair condition, aged and worn, with slight damage caused by black powder seal. The letter reads: 'Sir | On consulting with Mr Greening, I find it will be most adviseable <?> Mr Greening go to the Fleet - I wish therefore you could send over Mr Watson this Afternoon, when I will pay him the Money requisite for the Habeas <?>. | Sir | Your hble Servt | Robt Huish'.

[Printed Popish Plot pamphlet.] The Resolutions of the House of Commons, for the Impeachment of Sir William Scroggs Knt. Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench; [...]

[Sir William Scroggs, Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench; Sir Thomas Jones; Sir Richard Weston, Baron of the Court of Exchequer; the Popish Plot, 1678-1681; the House of Commons]
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LONDON, Printed for John Wright, at the Crown on Ludgate-Hill, and Richard Chiswell, at the Rose and Crown in St. Pauls Church-yard. 1680.

ESTC 228205. Nelson and Seccombe, 647.50B. 17pp., 2o. Disbound. Paginated: [4] 145-148 139-142 153-159 [1]. The title-page reads: 'THE | RESOLUTIONS | OF THE | HOUSE of COMMONS, | FOR THE | IMPEACHMENT | OF | Sir WILLIAM SCROGGS Knt. | Chief Justice of the COURT of | King's Bench; | [this and following three lines bracketed on the left] Sir THOMAS JONES Knight, one of the | Justices of the same Court. | Sir RICHARD WESTON Knight, one of | the Barons of the Court of EXCHEQUER.

Manuscript 'Appointment of Frank Cockburn Esqr. as Clerk of Assize of the Midland Circuit', signed by Sir Alexander Cockburn ('A. E. Cockburn'), Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench.

Sir Alexander James Edmund Cockburn (1802-1880), Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench and Liberal Solicitor-General (1850) and Attorney General (1851-1852) [Frank Cockburn]
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6 June 1862.

On one side of a piece of vellum, 34.5 x 42.5 cm. Folded into a docketed 9 x 21 cm packet. In good condition, lightly-aged. Signed by 'A. E. Cockburn', and by two witnesses: 'J H Brewer' of Curzon Street, Mayfair, and 'Henry William Frayling | Clerk to the said Sir A E. Cockburn', with remains of his red wax seal. Also signed at foot by the Queen's Remembrancer 'W H Walton'.

Signed Autograph legal opinion of Sir Alexander Cockburn ('A. E. Cockburn'), regarding an action between H. D. Kingdon and a 'Mr. Newman' in 1841.

Sir Alexander James Edmund Cockburn (1802-1880), Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench and Liberal Solicitor-General (1850) and Attorney General (1851-1852) [H. D. Kingdon, author]
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'A. E. Cockburn | Temple | Decr. 16. 1841.'

On both sides of a piece of paper 25.5 x 41 cm. 44 lines. Fair, on aged paper. The upper part of the first page laid down on card, resulting in loss of text. Begins 'I am of opinion that no partnership was created between Mr. H. D. Kingdon & Mr. Newman by the Indenture of 1838 sufficient to bar the former on an action upon that deed.' The document dates from the year in which Cockburn took silk. H. D. Kingdon was author of 'The Old English Mastiff' (London, 1873).

A Representation of the Tables in the Body of Guildhall, and the Old Court of King's Bench, with the arrangement for the members of the Court of Common Council and their ladies. Lord Mayor's Day, 1838.

[Samuel Wilson, Lord Mayor of London; Lord Mayor's Banquet, 1838; Guildhall; City of London Livery Companies]
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Taylor, Printer, Coleman Street. [1838.]

Printed on one side of a piece of paper 43 x 33 cms. Good, on lightly creased and spotted aged paper. A printed plan, with two diagrams, designed to show the members of the various livery companies where to sit at the banquet for Samuel Wilson, Lord Mayor of London. The name 'R. Taylor' (of the Ward of Farringdon Without) is filled in in manuscript: 'The Situation for Mr. [R. Taylor] is marked in Red; And for his Lady ........Blue.'

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