[ London bookseller's trade card. ] Unusual and attractive trade card of M. A. Harvey, 'Book & Printseller', with handcoloured engraving of three youngsters looking at his name and address, which are placed on an easel.

M. A. Harvey, Book & Printseller, 11 Red Lion Passage, Red Lion Street, Holborn, London
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M. A. Harvey, 11 Red Lion Passage, Red Lion Street, Holborn [ London ]. No date [ 1920s? ]

On one side of 7 x 11 cm piece of card. In good condition, lightly-aged. An unusual and attractive piece of London booktrade ephemera. The whole design, including the text, is engraved, and is in the style of a children's book illustration. With the text represented on a piece of board placed on an easel, around which three children crowd. On the left is a girl in a red dress, with yellow bonnet and umbrella, beside her is a louche individual in a yellow and orange checked suit, and to the right is a zouave, with red hat, holding a paintbrush and palette.

[Printed pamphlet.] Hints by the Way: An Address by the Rev. Charles McNeil, M.A. Delivered to the Juniper Green Free Church Sabbath Morning Fellowship Association, and printed by request.

Rev. Charles McNeil, M.A. [Juniper Green Free Church Sabbath Morning Fellowship Association]
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Edinburgh: Printed by John Forsyth, Guthrie Street. 1877.

12pp., 12mo. Stitched. Disbound. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Taking as its text 'Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?' (Psalm CXIX. 9). Scarce: no copy in the British Library, on COPAC or WorldCat.

[Printed handbill.] Description (By Mr. Tom Taylor, M.A.) of the "Triumph of Christianity" painted by M. Gustave Doré

Tom Taylor, M.A.; Gustave Doré
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Bradbury, Evans, and Co., Printers, Whitefriars. [Circa 1867.]

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Aged and ruckled. Doré's huge painting 'The Triumph of Christianity over Paganism' was first exhibited in the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly in 1867.

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