[ 'Smith Payne & Co.' [John Moyr Smith and James Bertrand Payne].] The Anglican Mysteries of Paris, Revealed in the Stirring Adventures of Captain Mars and his two friends Messieurs Scribbley & Daubiton.

'Smith Payne & Co.' [John Moyr Smith (1839-1912), Scottish Arts and Crafts artist; James Bertrand Payne (1833-1898), author; Edward Moxon (English, 1801-1858), London publisher; Gustav Doré]
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London: E. Moxon, Son & Co., 1870.

The author of the text of the present volume, J. B. Payne, was manager of the book's publisher Moxon, and ruined the firm with his sumptuous editions, including one of Tennyson's 'Idylls of the King' with illustrations by Gustav Doré, which determined Tennyson to forbid future illustrated editions of his work. The market for the present volume would have been limited, and the cost of producing it so high, that it is hard to see how it can have covered its costs. [3] + 53pp., 4to. Each of the 56 pages is lithographed in black against a light-brown background, on thick art paper.

[Printed handbill.] Description (By Mr. Tom Taylor, M.A.) of the "Triumph of Christianity" painted by M. Gustave Doré

Tom Taylor, M.A.; Gustave Doré
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Bradbury, Evans, and Co., Printers, Whitefriars. [Circa 1867.]

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Aged and ruckled. Doré's huge painting 'The Triumph of Christianity over Paganism' was first exhibited in the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly in 1867.

Part of corrected autograph draft by Horace Dobell, Consulting Physician, Royal Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, of a preface to a planned abridgment of his book 'On the Mont Dore Cure'.

Horace Dobell [Horace Benge Dobell] (c.1827-1917), Consulting Physician, Royal Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, and at the Mont Dore Sanitorium, Bournemouth
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Without date or place, but after the first publication of the book in 1881.

4pp., landscape 8vo. On four leaves pinned together. On aged and worn paper. With numerous deletions and emendations. COPAC only lists the first edition of this book, so it may be that the second edition was not published.

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