[ 'The Higher Butterfatters' League'; MS. ] Anonymous humorous manuscript poem titled 'Nanette', with illustrations, in praise of the Guernsey cow.

[ The Guernsey Gazette; The Higher Butterfatters' League; dairy farming in the United Kingdom ]
Publication details: 
In manuscript, but laid out as a printed book ('A "Guernsey's Own" Publication') said to be 'Specially printed by the "Guernsey Gazette"' and sponsored by the non-existant 'Higher Butterfatters' League'. Undated [ 1950s? ].

28pp., 4to. Sewn into a booklet, and bound in cream boards, with 'A "Guernsey's Own" Publication' on the front cover, and 'Sponsored by the Higher Butterfatters' League' on the back. There is no indication that the manuscript has been published. It is laid out as a printed book, with title-page (with charming illustration of the smiling cow) and dedication page reading: 'To V, M., the Honorable Patroness of the foster Mothers' Welfare Group, This book is respectfully dedicated.' The poem consists of 36 four-line stanzas, with fifteen charming vignettes.

Nine glass slides of photographs of British nineteen-twenties ice cream manufacture.

[British nineteen-twenties ice cream manufacture; the dairy industry; agriculture; milk]
Publication details: 

All nine slides bound in 8 cm glass squares, with the black and white images themselves in good condition and unfaded. The slides, apparently from a newspaper library, all carry labels with captions and the shelf-mark 'M74 Box 286 637.1'. Evocative and instructive images, apparently all dating to the 1920s. Captions of 'engine rooms and compressors', 'machine filling one third three flavour blocks', 'mixing and pasteurising', 'hardening room', 'ice cream packaging machine', 'three double packing machines', 'making', 'two chocolate ice machines', 'mix storager tanks'.

Folder of mimeographed typed advertising and promotional reports and memoranda assembled by the firm's London office on behalf of the Watchmakers of Switzerland.

Foote, Cone & Belding Ltd, advertising agency [Watchmakers of Switzerland]
Publication details: 
Between 1949 and 1950.

All items clear and complete, in a brown card folder, and in good condition on lightly-aged paper, with occasional rust marking. Items are often accompanied by covering letters from members of the agency. Includes, among other items: 'Outline Proposals for Action in the British Market', August 1949 (8vo, 9 pp); 'The British Watch Market', August 1949 (8vo, 19 pp); 'Jewelry News Digest Number 19 | For The Swiss Federation of Watch Manufacturers', November 1949 (8vo, 13 pp); 'Swiss Watch Repair Parts Programme' (8vo, 19 pp); 'Report of F. H. Publicity Montreal Office | Jan. 30th to Feb.

Alteration of Constitution. Federal Referendums. The Case FOR and AGAINST. ['Aviation' and 'Marketing']

[Australian Federal Referendums on Aviation and Marketing, 1937]
Publication details: 
By Authority: H. J. Green, Government Printer, Melbourne. [Canberra, 30th December, 1936.]

4to: [iii] + 15 + [ii] pp. Ten-leaf stapled pamphlet. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Slight rusting to staples. In small hand in red ink at head of title: 'M.S. 834 - 21/1/37'. Giving the texts of two proposed constitution alterations, 'Aviation' and 'Marketing', with the cases for and against, the referendums on which are both to be taken on 6 March 1937. 1 cm stamp in red ink of the Webster Collection at foot of final page, numbered 4190.

Typed Letter Signed to Sir Henry Truman Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

George Titus Barham
Publication details: 
20 December 1916; on letterhead of the Express Dairy Co. Limited.

Founder of Express Dairies (1860-1937), and antiquarian with a private museum in Sudbury. One page, quarto. Very good on slightly discoloured paper. He thanks him for sending Professor Petrie's letter. 'It is a subject which we have had before us for some time past, and are still keeping well in view as we are specially anxious to do something more on the lines the Professor pints [sic - and how appropriate!] out.' He has dropped Petrie a line. Signed 'G. Titus Barham'.

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