[Sir Nicholas Conyngham Tindal, as Solicitor General.] Autograph Letter Signed ('N. C. Tindal') to [Lord Lyndhurst] Lord Chancellor, proposing his friend Rev. T. Foord Bowes for the living of Thwing, Yorkshire. With Lyndhurst's autograph endorsement.

Sir Nicholas Conyngham Tindal (1776-1846), judge, Chief Justice of Common Pleas [Lord Lyndhurst [John Singleton Copley, 1st Baron Lyndhurst] (1772-1863), Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain]
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No place or date. [November 1827,]

Tindal is notable for defending Queen Caroline in her 1820 adultery trial, and for introducing the special verdict 'Not Guilty by reason of insanity', in the case of Daniel M'Naghten. The letter is undated, but Tindal states that it was a written a week after the death of Rev. John Kirk, Rector of Thwing, which took place on 6 November 1827 (see Kirk's death notice, Gent. Mag., November 1827). 3pp., 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, aged and worn. Folded four times. Tindal begins his letter: 'My dear Lord Chancellor, | I am requested by my friend, the Revd. T.

[ John Singleton Copley, Lord Lyndhurst. ] Autograph Signature ('Lyndhurst') on frank to the Duke of Wellington.

John Singleton Copley (1772-1863), 1st Baron Lyndhurst [ Lord Lyndhurst ], Lord Chancellor of Great Britain
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Without place or date.

On 8 x 14.5 cm panel cut from front of envelope. In good condition, lightly-aged. All in Lyndhurst's hand, it reads 'His Grace | The Duke of Wellington KG | &c &c &c | Lyndhurst'. As is customary, the signature is between two horizontal lines, in the bottom left-hand corner.

[Francesco Bartolozzi, Italian engraver.] Autograph Receipt Signed ('Francis Bartolozzi'), on account of 'Engraving a Print of The Royal Children after Mr: Copley' for Alderman John Boydell.

Francesco Bartolozzi (1725-1815), Italian engraver, long resident in London, Engraver to King George III [Alderman John Boydell (1720-1804), London printseller; John Singleton Copley, artist]
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No place [London]. 23 January 1789.

On one side of an 8 x 18cm piece of paper, with counting house spike hole in centre. In very good condition, lightly-aged, and neatly placed in a windowpane mount of 26 x 20.5 cm. With embossed Four Pence government stamp. Neatly and elegantly written out, it reads: 'Janry: 23 1789. Recvd. of Ald: Boydell Fifty Pounds upon acct: of Engraving a Print of The Royal Children after Mr: Copley | Francis Bartolozzi | 50. 0'.

Engraving by H. Bond of 'THE DEATH OF MAJOR PIERSON.'

John Singleton Copley [BATTLE OF JERSEY]
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Undated, but mid-nineteenth century. Printed by 'JOHN TALLIS & COMPANY, LONDON & NEW YORK'.

Major Francis Pierson died driving the French from the Market Place of Saint Helier in the Island of Jersey, 6 January 1781. Dimensions of paper roughly ten inches by eight. Dimensions of print roughly six inches by four and a half. Surrounded by six tiny vignettes: two of soldiers and four of battle scenes. Very good and clean. Suitable for framing. Mounted on a larger sheet of paper torn from an autograph album. The original painting is in London's Tate Gallery, and the item is accompanied by an early twentieth-century colour postcard of it, with some damage to the reverse.

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