[Abraham John Mason, wood engraver.] Autograph Letter Signed ('A. J. Mason') to 'J. Mayer Esqre', discussing a commission for an advertisement to be placed in the Art Union Monthly, mentioning individuals (Hall, Fairholt, Clements) and processes.

Abraham John Mason, wood engraver [Samuel Carter Hall, editor of the Art Union Monthly]
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28 Liverpool Street, King's Cross. 27 January [no year].
Upon request
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4pp., 12mo. 55 lines of text, written in a neat, clear hand. On bifolium, with second leaf neatly placed in paper windowpane mount. The letter begins: 'I herewith send the electrotype of the Trowel, [not present] which is I think a beautiful specimen of the peculiar but slow process. It has all the sharpness of the original block, & though about double the expense of a Stereotype in the first instance, it will last out a dozen such & look infinitely better all through; indeed it will probably wear longer than the wood itself.' He continues: 'The wood cut I have kept for the Art Union, & only await the article you promised, to put it into Mr. Halls [S. C. Hall, editor of the Art Union Monthly] hands; this shod. be done as soon as you conveniently can, to meet his arrangements'. There follows a reference to 'Mr. Fairholt', who has shown Mason 'the sketches he made for your label'.'The letter continues: 'Although your mind has been unsettled as to the mode you will finally adopt for the engraving, I am satisfied, (selfishness & vexation apart) that wood would be the right way; printing it with a ground tint, as Mr. Clements suggested; this will give it not only a rich but very finished appearance & in the long run, where great numbers might be wanted, become by far the least expensive'. He suggests binding up the item 'with one of the Art Union Monthly Parts' ('this would give it a wide circulation, but how far it would be the kind of advertisement for you, would be for your consideration'), and after a few more comments concludes. At foot of last page: 'Acct. for Printing 2 .. 0 .. 0 | Electrotype of trowel 0 .. 12 .. 0 | [total] 2 .. 12 .. 0'.