[ Nine pamphlets. ] Eight 'Financial Reform Tracts' and 'Account of the Formation, Principles, and Objects of the Liverpool Financial Reform Association, as embodied in the Speeches delivered at a Public Meeting held in Liverpool, Jan. 17, 1849.'

Liverpool Financial Reform Association [ Robertson Gladstone (1805-1875), President; Edward Brodribb, Treasurer; Richard Cobden; Major-General Sir William Napier ]
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[ Liverpool Financial Reform Association. ] All nine items 'Printed at the Office of the "Standard of Freedom," 335, Strand, London.' 1848 and 1849.

The nine items are all 12mo, and bound together without wraps, with the whole disbound from a volume. In fair condition, with minor signs of age and wear. All titles are drophead. ONE: 'Account of the Formation, Principles, and Objects of the Liverpool Financial Reform Association, [...]'. 12pp. TWO: 'Financial Reform Tracts. No. 1.' 16pp. THREE: 'Financial Reform Tracts. No. 2. Pension List. (Second Edition).' 8pp. FOUR: 'Financial Reform Tracts. No. 3. Taxation. - Part I.' 15 + [1]pp. FIVE: 'Financial Reform Tracts. No. 4. The Army, Ordnance, Commissariat, Navy, Colonies.' 15 + [1]pp.

[ Henry Irving, Victorian actor-manager. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Henry') and in his own hand (!) to 'Walter' [his friend Walter Herries Pollock?], regarding sending 'places' to 'Saville', and a reading of 'Macbeth in Birmingham'.

Sir Henry Irving [John Henry Brodribb] (1838-1905), English actor-manager [ Walter Herries Pollock, editor of the Saturday Review ]
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On letterhead of 15, Grafton Street, Bond Street. W [London.] 'Tuesday' [undated].

1p., 16mo. In good condition, lightly-aged. The note reads: 'Tuesday | Dear Walter | Yes - yes - yes. | The places I will send to Saville | Tomorrow I read Macbeth in Birmingham | Every yours aff | Henry'.

[Sir Henry Irving.] Eight collotype proof sepia engravings, seven showing him - five of them in character - and the other a scene of a dilapidated building.

Sir Henry Irving [John Henry Brodribb] (1838-1905), English stage actor and actor-manager
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Without place or date.

The eight images are arranged in four pairs, each on the central pages of an 8vo bifolium. Dimensions of page: 24.5 x 16cm. Dimensions of image: 9 x 14cm. In fair condition, on lightly-aged and creased paper. Irving is shown in five roles, including Lear, Shylock, and Becket. Also present are two portraits of Irving out of character, and a picture of the exterior of a dilapidated building. Presumably intended for an early twentieth-century biography.

autograph letters signed (x 2).

Tom Heslewood
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one 1910 and one 1940.

Actor and costume designer (1868-?). The first letter, docketted "Alas poor Tom -", to Miss Grosvenor, 4 December 1940, 18 Selwood Terrace., 2 pp, 8vo. He apologises for not being able to attend any of her at homes. "I have been at Plymouth & Cardiff the last fortnight with H. B. Irving [Henry Brodribb Irving, 1870-1919] arranging his new play". The second letter, to L. E. Berman, 21 April 1940, with embossment 52 Temple Fortune Hill, 2 pp, 12mo, in stamped envelope addressed in autograph. He thanks him for forwarding the letter from Barking.

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