[ Mona Caird, Scottish novelist and suffragist. ] Two Auograph Letters, one Signed 'Mona Caird', discussing her inability to provide financial assistance to the causes she supports.

Mona Caird [ Alice Mona Caird; née Alice Mona Alison; married name Alice Mona Henryson-Caird] (1854-1932), Scottish novelistt, proponent of women's suffrage, and theosophist
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Both on letterhead of 'Cassencary, Creetown, N.B. [i.e. Scotland ]' One dated 'May 6th.' and the other '19th. Dec.' Years not stated.

Both items in good condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: Autograph Letter Signed, dated '19th. Dec.' 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. As 'the public is not apparently able to rise to the occasion', the recipient's appeal should be helped, but she is 'unable to help anything just now. I have been most seriously involved in the Australian

[ Association for Promoting the Education of Women. ] Printed 'OXFORD. Association for Promoting the Education of Women || Certificate. | B.A. Degree Course.' Completed in manuscript for Edith Mary Henrietta Snowdon, and signed by Caird and Moberly.

Association for Promoting the Education of Women in Oxford [ Professor Edward Caird of Glasgow University; Charlotte Anne Elizabeth Moberly (1846-1937), Principal of St Hugh's Hall, Oxford ]
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[ Association for Promoting the Education of Women in Oxford. ] 1 November 1905.

On one side of a piece of thick laid paper, 36 x 27cm, In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Folded twice. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. An evocative piece of ephemera from the eve of the struggle for women's rights, women being barred at the time from receiving university degrees. Headed 'Oxford. | Association for Promoting the Education of Women. | Certificate. | B.A.

[Sir James Caird and George Ridley, MPs.] Indenture on vellum ('A Memorial [...] of An Absolute Order' re land in Durham owned by John Bowes), Signed by Caird and Ridley, with the seal in red wax of the Enclosure Commissioners for England and Wales.

Sir James Caird (1816-1892), MP, Dartmouth and Stirling Burghs; George Ridley (1818-1887), MP, Newcastle-upon-Tyne [John Bowes (1811-1885), of Streatland Castle, Darlington, County Durham]
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Ashurst Morris & Co, 6 Old Jewry [London], [for The Enclosure Commission for England and Wales, Whitehall, London.] 23 May 1872.

On one vellum skin. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Docketed 'No. 1 | Order left 22 May 1872. | Meml. regd. 23d. May 1872. | Order reld. 27th. May 1872' and 'Ashurst Morris & Co | 6 Old Jewry | E.C.' Arranged in the customary fashion, with tax stamps, and the signatures ('G: Ridley' and 'James Caird') on either side of the seal, on folded up strip at foot. The seal, in red wax on a green ribbon is 4.5 cm in diameter and in fair condition, with a few small fragments chipped away.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J. Caird') to James MacLehose.

John Caird (1820-1898), Church of Scotland minister, theologian and Principal of Glasgow University [James MacLehose (1811-1885), Glasgow publisher and bookseller; Rev. Dr James Paterson]
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July 6 [no year, but accompanied by an envelope postmarked 29 July 1881]; Venlaw Bank, Peebles, on cancelled letterhead of The University, Glasgow.

12mo, 2 pp. Good, on lightly aged paper with slight creasing at head. He is enclosing a letter (not present) apologising 'for absence from Dr. Patersons funeral'. Asks if MacLehose can help him find the address of 'A. Craig Paterson'. 'I know that one of the sons is an English clergyman, but am not sure whether this is he.' The envelope, addressed by Caird to 'Jas. MacLehose Esq. | St. Vincent St. | Glasgow', bears a purple penny stamp, postmarked '159' beside a circular postmark in black ink, containing '4 H | GLASGOW | JU 29 | 81'

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